Capri Anderson Identified as Charlie Sheen Companion

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Capri Anderson has been identified as the woman at the center of this week's Charlie Sheen scandal.

But the 22-year old - who met Sheen in the Plaza hotel bar Monday, went out to dinner with him and a few friends that night, and then called security early the next morning because the actor went on an alcohol and drug-fueled rage over a missing watch - wants to make one thing clear:

She isn't a prostitute. She's a porn star.

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With Capri Anderson, the Two and a Half Men star was reportedly a one and a half minute man.

Sources close to the star of Seduced By A Real Lesbian #8 told TMZ their friend was "extremely afraid" of Sheen prior to locking herself in a bathroom around 2 a.m. Tuesday.

That was a major contrast from earlier in the evening, when a tourist staying in the room opposite the actor said she heard "happy noises, love-making" from his suite, but "they didn't go on for too long," she said to The New York Daily News.

Ouch. Sorry, Charlie.

Sheen is two months removed from rehab and still on probation for attacking Brooke Mueller in December 2009. He was taken to a Manhattan hospital for psychiatric evaluation after the hotel's front desk called 911 at Anderson's behest on Tuesday.

He was released later that day and is said to be returning to work this week.

"Oh man, I'm fine," Sheen his texted from Los Angeles yesterday. Thank goodness, too. We've just been so worried about him.


What's the difference between a prostitute and a porn star?
Prostitutes don't FUCK on film.


Nice Eddie-he likes his hos and that is where his money goes to. And yes, Charlie is uglie and he only gets these whores cuz he is willing to pay 12 grand!


Dammm! Charlie.!@$ 12.000 Hang in there Bro...Lose your so called friends. Buy yourself a Island the Dept thing.


Both Charlie and Capri are ugly!


i dont care who the hell she is. get her fake boobs off my screen. oh and charlie sheen is fugly, who would have sex with him


Well he sure has a type like Tiger and Jesse? Porn star HOOKER same difference... A FUCKING WHORE PERIOD!!


Hooker or Pornstar- WHAT’S THE DIFFERENCE?


It is public knowledge that Charlie Sheen has been walking on the edge for a long time. It is no secret.
Any woman who decide to take a walk on the wild side with him is asking for her name to go down into flames.


Another article says she's offended that the news media was saying she was a prostitute. Like porn star is SOOO much better. Funny.

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