Bryan Masche Wants His Wife Back

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Last month, Bryan Masche got arrested for threatening domestic violence against his family. Soon afterward, wife Jenny filed for separation from the father of her six children.

But the Raising Sextuplets star hopes to reconcile with his better half, telling Radar Online this week: "I have not given up hope of winning Jennifer and my kids back, but I know that you cannot force somebody to love you."

So, what happened to the couple? Relatives say the family's move from Arizona to Florida played a role in the break-up, but Masche just says:

"I think the pressure and pace of both our lives just got too much and we stopped putting each other first as a lot of married people do."

Bryan is due in an Arizona court on Thursday, October 7 for a hearing in regard to his arrest.

"I am a good person and a great dad despite what a lot of people may think of me following my arrest," he says. "I made my vows when I married this beautiful women and I still hold out hope that we can still get back together."


She was clearly to blame also!!! How studid and selfish for them,(her also) to think that they could move to Florida and actually take good care of 6 babies on their own! When I saw that episode I realized they were immature and not ready to lives their lives doing what was best for their kids, not themselves. Of course it didn't work out moving to Florida! DUH!!


I saw this one comin!


No one should be surprised about Brian Masche's current predicament. I was once a severely battered wife, and can tell you the hair on the back of my neck stood up when I watched some of his behaviors. Remember the episode where he yanked one of the babies away from Jenny's mother while her arm was stuck between his body and the baby. I really thought he was gonna hit her then.
Jenny can do better than that. Way better.!


It blew my mind when this guy accused his wife on one of the episodes of acting like "Kate Gosselin". Hello, Bryan, you have clearly been the "Kate" on each and every one of the episodes so far. The fact that you can't see what a controlling bully you are and that you have a wonderful wife who bends over backwards for you is seriously appalling!!!


I really hope you don't try n wear her down Bryan. Your wife is exhausted because of u. You exhaust your viewers just watching u order everyone around. Leave Jenny be. The only thing u could do right now is leave her alone or she will snap on your ass then u will go to jail.


This guy is a jerk. We have watched him time and again talk down to his wife and the rest of the family. He's called them names and thrown fits of rage while the cameras were rolling. The fact that he told Jenny's father that he would "f..... flatten him old man" would be enough for me if I were Jenny. I hope Jenny doesn't go back to him because she thinks she needs him. Jenny, you do not, you have a great support system with your own family. I don't like the way he encouraged the move to Florida to alienate her from her family. I was once married to a controlling idiot and Bryan Masche reminds me a lot of him. He will not change. His rage will only excelerate!


They are not on TLC they are on WE Tv!


I ALSO think this guy is CREEPY! His temper is VERY scary. He clearly needs to seek therapy ON HIS OWN before he can work on his marriage & family. Why does TLC let these people on these shows??? I used to like TLC, but now I think they're using these people; that is REALLY REVOLTING!


He is CREEPY. I have watched this show and there is something REALLY WRONG with this guy. Of course he wants to come back to her. The loser has nowhere else to go. Remember Charlotte Fedders! Over and over she took crap off of that guy. When I watched the show, I would get totally bad vibes about this guy. The fact that she called the police on him says volumes.

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