Brittney Jones vs. Demi Moore: Who Would You Rather, Ashton Kutcher Sex Partners Edition!

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Ashton Kutcher has reportedly slept with both Brittney Jones and Demi Moore.

According to the former, the actor never had to choose between her and his wife, as Jones claims Kutcher and Moore have an open marriage and Demi was simply angry that she couldn't participate in their fling.

But what if Ashton did have to choose? Heck, what if YOU had to? As first posted by TMZ, both Jones and Moore have recently Tweeted similar shots of themselves in a bikini, giving readers a prime opportunity to compare, contrast and then answer the pressing question below...

Brittney Jones or Demi Moore?

Who would you rather?


Demi moore is so old no ass


Why is there never a "NEITHER" option on these things? Frankly, I'd rather Ashton Kutcher be dissolved in a tub of acid and all traces of him be stricken from human history, but since that's not likely to happen, I think it best that he be alone for the rest of eternity.


Are you serious?! Who the hell takes a picture of themself in a bikini?!


Ok this whole thing is rediculous! Good for ashton?

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