Britney Spears Goes Shopping in Lingerie

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Britney Spears rules. Not all of us would attempt to go shopping while wearing a lace nightie, but hey. These things just happen when you're Britney Spears.

It started out normally yesterday as she stepped out in jeans, a cardigan and sneakers to go shopping at the Only Hearts boutique in Santa Monica. But ...

Before leaving the shop, Spears oddly slipped into a nightie (sans bra, natch) and blue leather boots. Sigh. See for yourself in these nice Britney pictures:

Usual Britney
Shopping in a Nightie

COFFEE, LINGERIE AND SHOPPING: Done, done and done. Talk about a perfect day for a global pop music superstar. Can it get any better?! [Photos: Fame]


it is normal..if is comfortable and u look confident with it just wear it...she look nice wearing it..ppl just cant get enough for britney..cheer up gal :D


I don't see nothing wrong with her... you all are just obsssed because once she was the hottest girl on earth ... literally.. and now , she's just okay and hot... but you all still complaining comparing her to the old days.. get over her old image , and ler her come out with a new one , as a hot and decent mom not a hot twink. she looks great btw.


Britney has never had any taste in any of her outfits...She looks like any other girl. Nothing so special about Brit, and how long are we going to call her a Pop Star?


now, we all no that Britney does her thing representing herself, she is done with setting examples for the young people, i get it they are all hungry for that attention and that green paper so get use to it, you should be by now i do not care what she wears as long as she wear something! why should you even care!every time you see Kim Kardashian she bares all, there is no difference they all (meaning the celebrities) think they can get away with all kind of things, take Lindsay Lohan, and Paris Hilton they are all the same way trash! at lease that is the way they carries themselves, but let one of them get raped would they get justice! or the rapist get punishment or merit award for their actions! as for their appearance, this is America! everything is about freedom! right?


@ leo i agree with you i love her im a big fan


Hahahha Britney. I did that once, natch the coffee. :) It's a nice outfit though. bed.


Leave Britney alone!


its cute i would wear it maybe with tights


i think it's cute! it could total pass of as a dress (though it could be a little longer). i'd wear it


I think she looks good!

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