Bristol Palin: Exhausted By Rumba, Life

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After a performance that left her in the bottom two with The Situation, Bristol Palin says she is physically and emotionally exhausted by trying to juggle her preparations for Dancing With the Stars and the responsibility of being a mother.

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    It is time for people to get real: Bristol does not deserve the high scores she has been getting. Her dancing was no better than Margaret or The Situation's. The judges seem to be intimidated by her and the producers are treating Bristol with kid gloves because $arah has promised that either she or her husband will be on next season if Bristol does well. I can't think of any reason that Todd would have been considered a Star that should have been invited to appear on this show. Why not just change the name of the show to : "See what the Palin money can do" and schedule Princess Piper, Mama Grizzly, Willow the Party Girl, Todd the Pimp, Tracker the ex- military guy--and give this family the public attention they all crave. I think the Kardashians are about the only other family that has so many celebrity wannabees that want to mooch off the media.


    It must be the Wasilla water that caused her latest pregnancy. It is good to know that Bristol is the Princess of Conception and thus considered a star. Is the newest Daddy Levi-Ben-or Mark--or are there others? Bristol is sure to enlighten all her fans in the latest issue of all the tabloids--this probably is $100,000 news again.


    Give the girl a break--she is five months pregnant.


    Please-please-please-please Do not sit the Palin family in the front row and keep panning on them to show the world their applause for Bristol's awful dancing. We don't see the other contestants' family being interviewed. Bristol's standards are so low that she thinks a pole dance or strip tease is what her family and the viewers want the most. Last week she pulled off Mark's shirt and laid on the floor with her legs wide open, seductively encouraging Mark to join her for some action. Is this the message that the Queen of Abstinence is paid to give to all the unwed teen mothers: Do as I do and money will be tucked into your g-string.


    All of you posting rude comments are just jealous because she is so pretty and famous just like her sweet Mom..Shame on you all. What goes around/comes around!!


    She's exhausted because she's knocked up again. She gets bigger every week and the costumes do a poor job of hiding the reason.


    NO! Bristol was not invited to be on Dancing with the Stars. First Sarah Palin was invited and she declined; she suggested they try Todd, but he said he was too busy. Then Bristol's publicity agent contacted DWTS and begged to get her on the show because she was so athletic. (read the tabloids -- Bristol tells all for enough money)


    If Mark and Bristol have lifts in their dancing routine next week, they need to get a crane. It takes all his strength for Mark to lift one of the Alaska Moose's heavy legs! Crane or tow truck--whatever gives them the best rate. They don't spend much time practicing so it shouldn't cost too much for this wealthy unmarried mom who can afford around the clock nannies so she can be a Party Girl!


    To: St. Albans Girl -

    You sound like a real b!tch.


    But I would love for her to be my heffer! Yum Yum- I love big girls and she is absolutely gorgeous! Why is she famous though? Has she written a book, is she an athlete, an actress, or someone famous?

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