Brett Favre Scandal Prompts QB's Apology to Team

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Embattled easily aroused quarterback Brett Favre apologized to his Minnesota Vikings teammates for the distraction the Jenn Sterger scandal has caused.

According to ESPN, Favre met with the team at their New Jersey hotel, where they are preparing for tonight's game with the Jets, his employer during the scandal.

Brett says that he'll play "lights out tonight." He's accused of texting naked photos to Jenn Sterger, then a reporter for the Jets, during his stint with that club.

Jenn Sterger: The woman at the center of the Brett Favre scandal.

Favre originally wouldn't comment on the allegations, but an NFL investigation was launched anyway. Sterger reportedly will fully cooperate with the investigation.

"We're looking at all our options now and our only concern is what's in Jenn's best interest," Phil Reese, her manager, said when asked if she is retaining counsel.

Reese also reinforced that Sterger didn't supply Deadspin with any of the evidence used in the Favre story, and the site itself admits it got it through a third party.

Favre won't address it publicly but has "no problem with talking to the commissioner" about it. He may face suspension if he really texted photos of his junk.

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Don't poor Brett me and she's a whore, etc. Brett is married and has no business sending pictures of his penis to another woman. Nor should he send pictures of his penis to someone he works with at his job. Jen was not interested, made that clear and he crossed the line by continuing to pursue her and then send pictures of his penis to her. Seriously, who does that? That is seriously creepy behavior. He embarrassed his teammates and his whole family, not just his wife and daughter. He is 41 and will never grow up or get over himself. This person has done immature things like this his whole life. Nothing new and this is not the first time he has cheated on his wife. There is a long history of his infidelity. Nothing will change.


She has a lot of nerve to do this she can display her butt all over the place. She asked for it and now trying to get paid. She must have wanted some of that T. Woods action $$$$$. She is not the chick to take home to mama that's for sure. Everyone need to run and run fast.


Namaste, Another scandal? Can't be. How is that possible? Can't be. And somehow there is almost always a beautifull chick involved. Or some bimbo. How is that? Why is that? Can somebody enlighten me? Please? Hello? Ohm shanti.


Who cares if he sent it and I suppose those pictures of her plastered online are ok? Some of her pictures are enough to see why any man would be hitting up on her. She needs to look at her own photos before crying when someone sends her some. The only one being hurt here is Brett Favres wife Does anyone care about that? Find something else to talk about instead of a sleezy pretty girl showing her stuff and a famous athlete taking action on it. He has a family that now has to deal with this leave it alone.....


It's okay for a Jets - NFL reporter to put pictures like some of those out, but not for BF to show his junk. He ought to be beat like a fool, but the NFL is the last group to be making such moral outrages the way they handle stuff. BRETT - grow up!


Who cares if he sent his junk or not?! I wouldn't mind having a text or 2 from him myself! It has no affect on anyone who brought all of this out into the open, so why bother? Absolutely ridiculous! She doesn't care to show her own junk in magazines and online, so why should anyone care if shares his via private mms or email?


lawd she is so hawt

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