Brett Favre Naked Photos, Text Messages, Voicemails to Jenn Sterger: Revealed!

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Fill disclosure: We do not know for 100 percent fact that Brett Favre actually texted Jenn Sterger pictures of his package, or communicated with her in any way.

But a new video released sure makes it look like he did, compiling all the weird texts and voicemails Sterger received from someone she thought was Favre.

This is the evidence that allegedly surfaced earlier this year, and that the ex-Playboy model and sports columnist will not confirm or deny on the record.

A Jenn Sterger Photo

GOIN' TOO FAVRE: Brett did, if he really texted any wangage to Jenn.

The exchanges took place during the frequently-retired QB's one season with the New York Jets. The smoking-hot Sterger covered the team as a reporter.

Again, Jenn Sterger did not release this. Everything was acquired from a third party, and it's possible the dude communicating with Jenn was not Brett Favre.

However, getting a Mississippi cell, taking some voice lessons, and implicating Jets handlers and others for no other reason than to mess with Jenn Sterger?

Well, that would be an elaborate prank.

Jenn certainly believed it to be him, as did others. Click here for the full compilation and follow the jump to listen to Favre's voicemails after the jump ...


Typical NYC, if you can't beat em............set em up! This is the stupidest celeb accusation I’ve ever seen. Nothing with this story makes any sense!!


The whole celebrity trying to hook up with a "hotchick" as s many have referred to Jenn S. as is laughible. If she didn't wantattention she never would have dressed /or undressed as a FSU cowgirl, she is in desperate need of attention and or money. Look at her route-Maxium and various other photo shoots to exploit her looks. Why can't people just work hard at a career instead of making Sex their trump card-get a life Jenn. As for Brett he is no different than any other over-paid athlete who feels he is entitled to some on the side. Typical male DAWGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG Maybe a great quarterback, but he is lacking in the tact department, I am sure his late father would be sadden by his actins. What a slap in the face to his wife and children, great role model. Keep your wranglers on Bret. Hey all you wanna be hootchies, go to a strip club and try not to hurt those who actually work a job being a journalist.


you are very good i love you very


This is a total hoax! What a coincidence that these allegations come out on Thursday, right before the Jets-Vikings game, which will be held on Sunday. Someone in NY is obviously trying to sabotage the game in order to have an advantage over Minnesota, in light of Randy Moss' arrival. And even if these allegations were true, the way this has been handled by Deadspin--after having the story for 2 years--and the New York Jets is an act of cowardice against one of the greatest quarterbacks to play the game. The guy is the number one money maker for the National Football League. Crucifying the man for a measly game isn't the right thing to do in the NFL.


LMAO so not Favre are u serious? Get a life! I love Favre Go Vikings go! Why are u bringing this up now if this "so call story" happened in 2008? Oh plz!


Big Ben is sending a big THANK YOU note to Brett Favre this weekend. He's taken the heat off of him, just in time for his return to the game. lol


she HOT can i have her number i'll send her some pic.


I hope it is him . he's not God he can fuck up too and sounds like he has to Bad no monday night Football 4 him ha ha


I've been a brett fan for many years not for anything but there is NO way thats bretts voice totally doesn't sound like him at all why don't these people get a life


WOW ... how lowlife. If it is Mr. Favre, shame on you big guy. I find it very hard to believe someone of Brett's status would even have time to participate in something so juvenile. Whoever decided this was a good idea needs some serious straightening out. Or maybe a life, or maybe should just crawl back under the rock he came out from under. This is just stupid, 14year oldish.

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