Breaking Dawn Birth Scene: Tasteful and Intense, Cast Teases

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Mackenzie Foy has landed the vital role of Renesmee in Breaking Dawn.

But it's this character's entry into the world that has fans buzzing. As any loyal Twilight Saga follower knows, the book details an intimate birth scene for Bella, as she struggles squeezing out the half-human spawn created by her and Edward.

Pregnant Bella!

This is where it all starts for Renesmee...

How will Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson play this out on screen?

Said Jackson Rathbone of Melissa Rosenberg's script: "I think people are really, really excited and surprised about how tastefully it can be done."

Echoed Nikki Reed, speaking to E! News over the weekend at Spike TV's Scream Awards:

"It's intense. It's really intense... I play a pivotal role in this, because this is what Rosalie has always wanted, you know what I mean? I'm with my acting coach every day, three hours a day... I really care about this and I want it to be good."

We have no doubt it will be.


Every1 SHUT THE HELL UP! IF U DON'T LIKE THE TWILIGHT SAGA & ARE NOT EXCITED ABOUT BREAKING DAWN, THEN LEAVE IT 2 THE REST OF US THAT LOVE IT! Stay away from the messaging or blogs and leave ur negative comments 2 urself :). mmmkay! Of course ;) I can not wait for Breaking Dawn to hit theaters next year and either way they choose to go about the movie I'm there watching regardless. On the pg-13 or Rated R, hey sorry kiddies you'll just have to ask the parentals if you can, parents spend more dam time seeing wth ur kids r up to! Hello???? Obviously you knew it was going to lead to wedding/sex if u read the books, or just watched the movies! Come on it's common sense all the sexual tension, all you kids/teenagers should have been getting permission from ur parents anyway!


I think breaking dawn shoul have the blood the guts and full on sex scenes, why not it makes gd tv


Ilove,love,love the books. And the first2 movies are just as good can't wat for eclipes & braking down the more vampiyer the better =D!!!!!!!!!


how can you say you want it to be like the book and then you want to take the gore out of it because its not romantic like the series?! ITS FROM THE BOOK!!! I personally can't wait to see it no matter how they do it I just hope they stay more like the book.


I could not stand the last book! I could barely get through reading it. God help the cast. Good luck to the stars...I truly hope they have lined up other gigs for their futures we have enough people unemployed ;-(


I have read all four books at least 8 times and find something new each time or something that strikes me different and I will keep readng them as they are an escape for me. I have already preordered Eclipse and I watch either Twilight or New Moone when I go to bed at night. Love, love, love the entire saga.


i think twilight, twilight saga new moon, twilight saga eclipse & twilight saga breaking dawn are really truely wounderful & great book..i've read all of them i don't know how many times..& i enjoy watching all three movies..i can't wait until they make the last one..


Okay everyone....bottom line is that the birth sequence is definitely brutal and well deadly to Bella. I LOVE LOVE LOVE these books and the movies are okay...enough to buy them and watch them over and over!!!! LOLOL!!!!
THe books will always be better than the movies...that is a historical fact. Let's just enjoy the remaining two movies... how about it?!

Kelly r

Okay, here's the thing. I don't like Vampires. The killing, drinking blood just leaves me a little sick to the stomach. I rented Twilight against my better judgement and I absolutely fell in love with it. I waited impatiently for New Moon but I could not wait for Eclipse to come to DVD. I loved Eclipse. I ended up reading all three books then when I found out how long it was going to be before Breaking Dawn comes out, I read it too. Though it was hard to read and I cried alot during it I can't wait for Breaking Dawn. I do hope it does the book justice but no movie, no matter how well filmed will ever be better than the books.


If you don't like them, don't watch them. I was not hooked until I saw Eclipse. I had not read any books until then. I have seen
Twilight over 2 dozen times and I see something new everytime. I can hardly wait until Eclipse comes out on DVD. I have read each book 2 times and I am wanting to read Breaking Dawn again. So, if you do not like them, go watch/read something you do like.