Bogus Angelina Jolie Gossip of the Week: Brad Pitt Bangs Jennifer Aniston Look-Alike!

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You gotta love Angelina Jolie gossip. It never ceases, and the extent to which tabloids will invent nonsense continues to reach new depths as the years go by.

Case in point: New Idea. That's apparently a magazine, and aptly-named, 'cause this definitely is a new twist. Brad Pitt didn't just nail Jennifer Aniston this time.

Jennifer Aniston Pregnant Again!

He was caught with a Jen look-alike! The horror!

ANGE'S FURY: We bet it was absolutely insane. And fake.

We know Angelina gets stabbed in the back 2-3 times a week, but this is nuts. How many more affairs with Aniston or Aniston doppelgangers can she tolerate?

Every time she turns around, Brad's plotting with his ex-wife to ruin Angelina's life. When he's not joining the mile high club, of course. What a player. And a d!ck.


That fuzzy pic is from a scene in Brad's new film, Moneyball, that was filmed 2 weeks ago at the Ontario Airport in Los Angeles. LOL Such stupidity. Anyone thinking that Brad wants a woman he ran from 6 years ago is insane. Brad, no matter the delusions some here appear to have, loves Angelina and their 6 kids. He got on a plane in Boston as soon as he wrapped Moneyball filming there for 2 days on Wednesday nite and flew 9 hours straight to Budapest with the twins to Angelina and their other kids. Brad has been with Angelina longer than he was married. That is reality people. Brad is where he wants to be.


I agree with Audrey. Though not sure Jennifer would take him back.

Faith maguire

What goes around comes around....I hope it's true. Jolie has ALWAYS been a day it will all come back to bite her in the a$$!!! Can't stand her!!!


If Brad wanted the dried-up old prune, he could have her any day of the week. She isn't doing anything except chasing every man who comes within a 5-mile radius of her, and NOT ONE of them wants her. Josh Hopkins called her a "sport fvck." Why would Brad want a 41-year-old HAG that John Mayer and every other man has had and DUMPED?


Riiiiight. Brad Pitt is banging a Jennifer look alike when he has the real Angeline Jolie at home. Couldn't they even come upo with a plausible scenario to sell their mags?


POUHAHAHAHAHAHAH That bitch gets what she deserves. I hope Brad and Jen will get back together one day.


i guess these magazines have bills to pay too because they will just make up anything because if brad wanted jennifer he would never have left her

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