Ben Harper and Laura Dern to Divorce

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Ben Harper and Laura Dern are getting divorced. This is news to her, too.

The two-time Grammy winner stunned the actress when he filing legal documents citing irreconcilable differences and asking a judge to deny Dern spousal support.

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Even more interestingly, Harper claims he and Dern separated back in January. But the couple, who married back in 2005, have been living together all year.

Ben Harper and Laura Dern are divorcing after five years.

Moreover, they have been traveling together throughout the year and they were also intimate as recently as last week. No idea how TMZ knows that, but ... sure.

Harper is asking for joint legal and physical of the couple's two kids: Ellery, 9, and Jaya, 5. We hope they're able to work it out or at least split up amicably.


Scoot over Kim K. You've got competition.


It is a well known fact that Oscar nominated Laura has been working for a long time including #1 movies like Jurastic Park. It should be totally unnecessary for Ben to specifically ask the courts to deny spousal support while she is his wife and the mother of their 2 young children.Laura has long been self sufficient and by all indications will continue to be with or without her marriage to Ben Harper.


In their hours of disagreements,hopefully this *married with children,
young couple will be able to resolve their differences peacefully among themselves.


That intimacy thing was reported by a "friend".. yeah he says they were over months ago and she is acting like she was "blindsided" yeah right. She cheated with him when he was married, and she cheated with BBT when his wife was pregnant.. then lied and said Angelina stole her man.. YEAH RIGHT. She has a pattern of behavior and acts like she had no idea the relationship was in trouble. And she is having her friend state they were sexual. I guess she wants that spousal support he is asking the court to deny. HE will be blamed; the men always are. But she is a liar. Getting what she did to 2 other women and paying for lying on another woman that she knew never stole her man..