Barack Obama Visits Daily Show, Jon Stewart Calls President "Timid"

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When the most influential man in the world speaks, people take notice. Especially when he interviews the President of the United States on Comedy Central!

If people assumed Jon Stewart would treat us to a Barack Obama love-fest during a chat with the Commander-in-Chief last night, it wasn't entirely the case.

Smooth as ever, Obama discussed how things have progressed nicely the last two years, with health care and financial reform marking huge, historic steps.

The economy is (slowly) rebounding, too, he said. If Tea Party stalwarts were watching (as likely as seeing Charlie Sheen in church), they'd be up in arms.

Whether you buy what he's selling or not, Obama played the serious guy on the funny network, something he's done approximately 4,596 times before.

If anyone morphed a bit Wednesday it was Stewart, just days before his Rally to Restore Sanity. Gone were his droll one-liners and trademark sarcasm.

What we saw was presidential interviewer, taking the moment seriously, asking serious questions, even calling the U.S. President "timid" at one point.

Watch Obama on the Daily Show after the jump ...

Stewart called out the president for not being stronger at times, and questioned his health care reform bill, which has been a lightning rod for criticism.

Like him or not, he didn’t let Obama simply talk, he questioned him and got a few answers, even though they essentially agree on most major issues.

Of course, Stewart clearly felt comfortable with him, and vice versa, because he knows he is still looked favorably upon there. More so than most places.

Here's part one of the Stewart-Obama Q&A ...


Why does he still sound like he is campaigning??
Barry-you are president now, how do you think you will keep all your promises?? YOU CAN'T!! You were the yes man to get elected and now you are going back on your word. Thanks!!


This is part of the establishment's campaign to discredit the first African American president.


I think there shouldn't be any destructive criticism rather we look for way out of this GLOBAL MELTDOWN.


Whoops typed Reagan too fast and misspelled. So consider this my correction. Figured I better resend that or people would have focused on a misspelling rather then having a proper rebuttal.


hey randyjacksonsbutt - Noone is paying taxes right now. Currently we are taxed at one of the lowest rates in the modern American era. Yup we are even taxed lower then Regan right now. That's why the TEA party doesn't really make much sense. Remember facts are a powerful thing. Learn them.


I think its incredibly ignorant that people want to slam our President just because he did an interview on Comedy Central or the View or anywhere else he sees fit to interview at. When we were at our worst economic crisis in this country, Bush was golfing and going on lavish vacations!!! At least Obama is talking politics and doing interviews to get out what his message is. It doesn't matter if you're a democrat or republican, quit being hateful. We have no hope of fixing anything if the two sides can't grow the heck up and communicate about REAL CHANGE!!


At this point, I don't believe anything that comes out of Obama's mouth. Seriously, if he wasn't busy giving interviews to Comedy Central and the friggin View then he would have more time to make due on some of the various promises that he made before he was elected. PS - Anyone that knows anything about politics knows that he hasn't a very poor job. Anyone that still supports him is either a fool or doesn't pay taxes.


Robin, like most Obama haters, had a difficult time in skewl.


Robin, you need to learn how to spell, oh yeah your're being nasty blow yourself.
Other than that I fell it was a good interview with the President
John Stewart asked serious questions and the President responsed to what needs to be done for positive change. This mess didn't happen overnight and neither will the results no matter who was president. Thats why we need to go to this rally to restore sanity from people like ROBIN. Stop the hate. Focus on supporting the fight aganist bullying and stepping on heads when you dont agree with the other side.


To Robin: Youre not as witty as you think. Stick to rubbing yourself while watching O'Reilly and try not to stab any NYC cab drivers on your way out.

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