Austin Brown: Nephew of Michael Jackson, Future Star

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Austin Brown, a nephew of Michael Jackson and son of MJ's sister Rebbie Jackson, is looking to carry on the family legacy with his debut album 85. The California native plays guitar, keyboards, bass and drums, all at the age of 24.

Here's a little background on the King of Pop's nephew, via People ...

Wanting to improve his life performances, Brown started taking gymnastics. "I told [producer] Rodney [Jerkins], 'I'm going to flip.' He was like, 'You're out of your mind.' So I started taking footage of it and I was like, 'Look I can do a back flip.' "

Aunt Janet Jackson "is the person that I talk to the most in my family," he says. "She knows everything about me. If I couldn't tell my mom, I would tell her. She would take drives with me and talk to me like I was a normal person."

"When you're a kid it's cool to talk to a relative who doesn't look at you like a kid. She took the time to spend with me and be a support system. I would call her about problems at school and she would give me sound advice. She's a great listener."

Raiding the CDs of older sisters Stacy and Yashi, "I would listen to their music like Depeche Mode, Eurythmics, Billy Idol and Tears for Fears, who I loved."

He'd love for Rihanna to remake "Centipede," a hit for his mom Rebbie, written by Michael. [MJ] told me it was one of his favorite songs that he ever worked on," Brown reflects. "I wish somebody would redo it, like Rihanna."

He's working with acclaimed producer Rodney Jerkins (who has worked with Michael Jackson, Britney Spears, Lady Gaga and others) on his new material.

Click here to listen to "Target Practice."

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this guy can't sing
go away stop using MJ's name to get yourself attention.
go ahead using janet washed-up jackson one cares about her and the other jacksons except MJ:)


nice song, but you have some big shoes to fill..michael was the best!rest in peace michael..and good luck to you austin


talented family. wishing Austin the very best and I look forward to hearing more. On your wish for Rihanna to cover Centipede, I think that would be hot and she has the vocals.


@whilome that was funny no dipping for kim kardashian yea thats true she date older men .


@Sara: Kim Kardashian dated his older cousin when she was in high school. No double dipping.
This kid is talented. I wish him luck.


i wounder if kim kardashian going date him to


hes cute, and i like the song


I like the song, best of luck to Austin

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