Audrina Patridge's Drunk Mom Goes Off on Dancing With the Stars, Lauren Conrad

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It came as a major shock and she totally deserved better, but Audrina Patridge took her Dancing With the Stars elimination Tuesday night in classy stride.

Her mom Lynn? Not so much.

After the results show, the Patridges hit up L.A. hotspot Beso for dinner. Many glasses of wine later, Lynn went outside to speak to the paparazzi.

"Audrina is going to f---ing rise," insisted her mom, as a friend tried to corral her. "She's got class. You know why? She's a Polish, Catholic, f--king full-on Italian."

"Not only that, she was raised right. And I don't give a s--t. It's all American!"


Lynn, who will appear on her daughter's new reality show on VH1, then called out Audrina's former Hills cast members, specifically Lauren Conrad.

"We're going to f---ing smoke, especially Lauren Conrad's pissy a-- little fashion s--t," she promises. "That bitch wants to bring it on? Let's go!"

How LC got caught up in this, we can't say. Neither can Lynn, as she doesn't "usually" drink, and Audrina "would be so pissed I'm talking to you idiots."

So what made Lynn finally open up?

"I've had it. I've been a celebrity mom eight years through Hills bulls--t, but Audrina's going to the next level, baby," she said. "F---ing Hills girls - Hills tramps! My baby's a star! She's the only one that has some class and I don't give a f--k about it."

Well, she loves her little girl. That much you cannot deny.

No word if VH1 has rescinded Audrina's new show yet.


This is thr BEST! whtevr, yes we are only posting to this/ a stupid posting to hollywood gossipp or the real deal... AUDRINA IS MY FAVORITE HILLS GAL AND HER MAMA IS AEWESOME SO LOYAL, I LOVE THE PATRIDGES, wHAT ELSE CAN hOLLYWOOD DO THE STARS AND THEIR FAMILIES, TO BREAK THEM IN+ true reaLitY........I love this video.. What a great next move!!!!


talkin about lauren,is that class? audrina and her mom totally r b


NICE!!! I would be so embarrassed!! Can we say show biz mom??? Is Dina Lohan her new BFF?? What a great role model too, maybe that is why she is o.k. with her kids all tatted up, gatta make sure they are happy!!


Talk about a show-biz mom. Sad to say,but this woman is living through her daughter's fame. As far as defining herself as a celebrity-mom,she is an absolute embarrassment. She was in no position to give an interview,she said too many negative things,while mentioning her daughter's name. It is obvious that she can not hold her liquor.


You may as well have another drink, mom. Nothing you do now will not make you regret what you said in the morning.


CLASS?? Lauren was and IS the only person from that show to have class!!!!!!!!


I didn't know Dinah Lohan was Audrina's mother also?


wow..that really helped Audrina's rise to fame.


ummmm, yeah, what exactly did Lauren have to do with Dancing with the Stars...I'd be sooo pissed at my mom if i were Audrina. And yeah, Audrina is classy, clearly, her mom is not. Wow!


Wow.... I understand her frustration about her daughter being eliminated( as I too thought it was ridiculous), But why go off on Lauren? Not cool.

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