Audrina Patridge Eliminated in Dancing With the Stars Shocker: WTF?!

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There were a few competitors we could have seen being voted off Dancing With the Stars this week. Audrina Patridge was not on that list, but she's headed home.

As such, Rock Week left the field all shook up.

With 24 points in her individual routine and another eight in the group marathon, Audrina's total of 32 was the second HIGHEST of the week behind Brandy.

Audrina and Tony

Audrina and Tony are out. Go figure that.

Despite besting Kurt Warner (22), Bristol Palin (28) and even favorite Jennifer Grey (29) fell from grace, the former Hills star apparently didn't do it for voters.

Too bad, because she's actually one of the better dancers this fall. What she lacked in passion, she more than made up for in technique, effort and consistency.

"I've had so much fun this entire experience," said Audrina Patridge. "Tony has been such an amazing teacher ... Thank you for all the comments and support."

Judge Len Goodman was less diplomatic.

"I'm almost at a loss for words," he said of Audrina and Jennifer landing in the bottom two. "It's ludicrous. For one of these two to be going home is absolute nonsense. We like the underdog but we like justice more, and there is no justice here."

What do you think? Pretty hard to argue that the voters got this wrong. How do you not send Kurt home after Monday night? How does Bristol outlast Audrina?

Alas, that's where we are right now. Here's a look back at some Audrina Patridge pictures from her tenure on Dancing With the Stars, cut short too soon ...

Tony and Audrina
Audrina and Tony Photo
Audrina and Tony Picture

Who are you rooting for with Audrina gone?


I am really sick of this show. I can't stand Brook as a co-host, and then there are the contestants. Bristol has no business being on the show, let alome still there trying to dance. I am 62 years old and disabled and can move better then her. What's the deal??? I guess you have to be an unwed mother of a politician to become popular. If it were't for the proffessinal dancers on the show I would have shut the TV down in the beginning. As it is I think I will stop watching until some the worst dancers are gone (Rick Fox, BRISTOL)


I think that they need to leave politics on the campaign trail! I think that Sara Palin has something to do with the fact that Bristol did not get the boot last week. Come on!she had a score of 18!! I loved the show until last week, let's face it Florence was every bit of sexy with class & I feel that if she can put on the performances that she did that there is no excuse for Bristol. She needs to go home! I can't believe that Audrinna was voted off. This is possibly going to be the downfall of the show. I will not watch anymore, at least until Palin is outta there.


When all the *votes are counted, it is hard to believe that Bristol will be back next week to whine and complain, while Audrina has been kicked to the curb. A few weeks ago, I mentioned that BP was going to be kept on DWTS for the scandal effect. I believe it now more than ever.


Perhaps Palin's mom is rocking the vote? This is where the judges should have one save like on American Idol. This outcome leaves me to believe the inmates are running the asylum. not fun


The people that vote are usually older somewhat out of shape women and we all know that a good looking young woman wasn't going to last with that demographic. PS - It's kind of like George W. Bush trying to win over the black vote.


Kurt's wire-haired man-goblin of a wife must have stacked the votes.


I really think this was wrong. just once i would like to see tony win. really getting tired of derek. bristol should have gone. she cannot dance in my book


No way!!! They danced so good.. Not fair

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