Ashton Kutcher & Demi Moore Visit Israel "2 Forge Bonds"

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Amidst infidelity rumors, Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore jetted off to Israel this weekend.

While a source close to the couple says the pair did not renew its vows in that country, Kutcher Tweeted that he and his wife are "sharing Love & Light while in Israel [and] asking 4 the energy 2 forge bonds with our similarities & find compromise in our differences."

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Might one of those difference be Ashton's desire to bang Brittney Jones on he and Moore's living room sofa?!?

Jonas hasn't been shy about her affair with Kutcher, texting friends about it, talking to Radar Online often and even saying the actor and Moore have an "open marriage."

But the couple has been on a strong, united front in public.

They've appeared at the Clinton Global Initiative and also spent time in Michigan on the set of Moore's upcoming film The Reasonable Bunch over the last couple weeks. Now, this trip to Israel.

We'll keep readers updated on whether or not their shared energy will forge the bonds necessary to grow old together.

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till the scandal takes place we r not dumb


Best Blessings to the beautiful couple.


Demi Moore and Brad Pitts aren't fooling anybody, they are just a pair of Cajun babysitters.....and by the way I'm just a regular mudshark.


Dementia, Let Assturd go. Let him have a life. You had yours...selfish old hypocritical hag. And pathetic.


Is Assturd Kuntchumper gay or what??? what hetero guys tweets about LOVE AND LIGHT???? Sounds like the douchetool is completely Kabala brainwashed by the old gristly crone. Creepy. She is a predatory perv going after young men. And Assturd is just an all around prick.


It was obvious that this was going to happen, they r being pushed around by the media, the accusations & then I doubt anything was true & even IF there is some truth who has the right to point filthy fingers at them, I hope they keep sailing happily


YEP.. all that talk of suing then NOTHING.. they should have just ignored it and just went on. NOT all those stupid tweets and pictures over the net.. that is what children do.. not adults.
NOW this new tweet.. "sharing Love & Light while in Israel [and] asking 4 the energy 2 forge bonds with our similarities & find compromise in our differences." Sounds like the cheating was true and they are trying to work it out.. Good luck.. but maybe first try SHUTTING YOUR MOUTHS.


demi,if u're honest with yourself,u'll knw u're just being wicked by tieing that poor guy down.u need to leave him alone so he can marry a real woman,a young woman and have his own kids,like you have.for God's sakes the poor guy needs a life,not with an old woman,whose life's been literally over like decades ago.ashton and demi 4ever?eww,i'm gonna go throw up.


She was so lucky to have her OWN children TWENTY years ago, and she is so lucky to have Ashton BUT - she is way too old for him. She needs to stop being so selfish and let him go, if he stays with her he'll never have his own kids... this relationship is doomed. Oh and it's not Ashton who cares what people think - Demi is the only one posting desperate attention seeking photos on twitter 24/7.. is she trying to convince US or HERSELF that her marriage is not in trouble????... its getting really pathetic. Ashton will leave, Demi will be finished, end of story.


they need to take a page from Brad and Ange and just ignore. They are making too big a deal of this. they are caring too much what we think don't cha think?

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