Angelina Jolie: Totally High on Drugs! Giving Away Secrets! On Video!

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Cocaine. Heroin. A secret video that will DESTROY HER LIFE.

If it sounds like sensationalist, tabloid nonsense, that's because it probably is. But to hear Angelina Jolie's former drug dealer tell it, the woman's a freaking FIEND!

Franklin Meyer says Ange would frequently "buy cocaine and also heroin" from him, take the drugs in front of him and spend $100 a pop. But that's not even all ...

Drug-Dealer Tell-All

BRAD ADMITS THEY MAY SPLIT ... the bill for dinner Friday.

Meyer tells Life & Style he met Angelina in February 1997, when she and a male friend came to buy drugs from him at NYC's Chelsea Hotel. She was just 21 then.

Occasionally, though, he would go to her apartment in the Ansonia building on Manhattan's Upper West Side, and she'd do drugs there. It was F*%KED UP.

"The walls of her apartment were covered with photos of dead bodies," he said.

"I assumed they were real bodies. They were like places or apartments where there were murders. I don't know where someone would get pictures like that."

Even then, Meyer says, she was obsessed with adopting a child: "She would say to me, 'I think I would really like to adopt a kid.' I was shocked... In the middle of the drugs and the knives, she'd be talking about wanting to adopt a child."

That's it. We'll never look at her the same way again after this graphic, totally accurate report. Thanks to Frank, we have seen the light at long last. The Angelina Jolie drug photos that surfaced this summer were one thing. This is the last straw.

If Brad Pitt is still married to her by lunch, we'll be flat-out stunned. He'll be putting it to Jennifer Aniston look-alikes so frequently now, it's not even funny.


I don't believe any of this


Well, this is just not news, really. What IS newsworthy would be the fact that Jolie didn't just "kick" her little daily heroin habit. Doesn't work that way. She's still on prescription methadone, which is the explanation for many Jolie "mysteries" - from her spindly frame to her births in tightly-controlled medical facilities outside of the US. Those beautiful babies had to weened off the stuff, people. That's just gross. And what really floors me is the ease with which she is able to adopt children with a past (or present) like that. When I adopted in the US, no stone of my past was left unturned, and there is no way in hell I'd have been able to adopt with a past history of illegal drug use.


1. They are not married. 2. Jolie admitted to using drugs including heroin in her past. 3. There is no way Brad was not well aware of all of her skeletons before he became involved with her. 4. Jolie uses pictures on the walls to get into character for roles and she shot Bone Collector around the same time as Girl Interrupted. 5. Of course you can believe the word of a reported drug dealer..God knows those people have morals (eye roll). 6. She paid a lot of money for a minor amount of recreational drugs.. I would imagine Clinton and Bush did more coke then that! People grow up.. the past is the past. Get over it.


GET A LIFE! this is old news. why do they keep dragging out all the shit? because there is really nothing bad to tell. every time one of them moves someone turns what they do around to make them look bad so they can get a SENSATIONAL story. quit trying to cause trouble where there isn't any. leave the couple alone. if you want to run someone down, try the wishy- washy blond that's doing all the whinning because she couldn't hang on to her man. i don't know how brad managed to stay with her as long as he did. SERIOUSLY. GET A LIFE!


Another boring, crap story from the tabloids, do you really think people believe this rubbish that is written. It must be hard for the media to try and write a good story sometimes because all they seem to want to do is destroy people.
Go Brad and Ange!


Monkey...your name suites you,lol.BTW even with her past,Angelina is STILL one of the highest paid and sought after actresses.So go suck on that Jen hag.Keep on hating honey,cause Angelina and Brad don't give a damn.They are living their life and quite well.Go and read a tabloid...rot those 2 braincells you have left.


To Leo: I'm not sure why you love her so much! Remeber when she was with Billy boy and they had viles of blood from eachother that they wore as a pendent, or that she use to slash her wrists when she was younger, or how she stole TWO married men from there wives while making movies with them! Not to mention six little ones that she trots around the world(no stability), still making movies(eventhough she promised to stop and be a mom for once)and flirts with anything that looks intersting(um Johnny Depp).
Yea, you are right that she is a lover, too many to count that's for sure!


Mother, lover, humanitarian, ambassador for charitable events. Angelina remain an awesome force to be reckoned with.Can not find a damn thing bad to say about her.


Yea not new news that she dabbed in a little of this a little of that in her life time. Infact, having kids probably made her slow down from her party life! And Brad and Jen had admitted that they smoked a little too so no one is a saint here!! Not in Hollywood baby! Get with it...


Why is Jolie's drug use news? She talked about this herself more than 10 years ago, when no one knew about it.
Much like she talked about her cutting, and her relationship with Jenny Shimitzu. Jolie's always talked about her life honestly and what she's gotten over and the demons she's conquered.

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