Amber Portwood is an Out of Control Psycho Who May Lose Her Baby, Tabloids Concur

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Teen Mom star Amber Portwood is a mess.

That much we can say conclusively. The rest of this article? Mostly conjecture thrown out there by a couple of celebrity gossip tabloids. She does make it easy for them.

Teen Mom Split!

The Indiana native barely even remembers hitting Gary Shirley, occasional fiance and father of her daughter, Leah. But the consequences haunt her just the same.

TEEN MOM-STER: Amber Portwood pulls double tabloid duty.

Law enforcement began an investigation after September 28's Teen Mom.

A local official said after the incident, “We have an ongoing assessment with regard to the family of Amber Portwood, and we continue to work on this matter.”

Amber, who says she hasn't hit Gary in weeks (baby steps, people, baby steps), “is freaking out over the possibility she could lose her baby,” says an insider.

We doubt she will. The police have an obligation to look into it, but the two just renewed their commitment with promise rings. That's as strong as it gets.


It's a sad situation, Amber definately needs to have Leah taken, maybe she'll realize you can't go through life beating your baby's father just because he don't give you what you want when you want it...which if I was him I wouldn't either! She don't deserve the love Gary and Leah give her. Excuse my language but she is a piece of s***!!! Hopefully the law will look further into the does Amber not remember hitting Gary? Was she on drugs? I seen it on t.v. how can she forget? I hope C.P.S gets involved and grants Gary custody..I watch the show every week..Amber never has Leah and when she does its a burdan to her and all she does is bitch and complain..Somebody needs to step in and help that poor baby girl Leah..Its just not right!! For sure TEAM GARY!!


promise or no promise ring.. weeks or just yesterday? doesnt matter keeping that baby in a abusive home ? someone is not doing there job. now are they? investagating ? its all over .. everywhere! and the teenage mom has admitted it. maybe when they charge them both this nitemare will stop and finally put that child up front and safe.


Gary is a realllly horrible father. Amber is a horrible mother. They BOTH don't need baby Leah. Leah needs a good family, not one where she might get hurt. Somebody needs to do something. :[


omg amber needs to get leah taken away..i cant believe she was taking self defense classes...ummm she needs to enroll gary and those classes not her self...and gary should take her to court i mean hes not looker but he can do better personality gary

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