Amber Portwood is an Out of Control Psycho Who May Lose Her Baby, Tabloids Concur

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Teen Mom star Amber Portwood is a mess.

That much we can say conclusively. The rest of this article? Mostly conjecture thrown out there by a couple of celebrity gossip tabloids. She does make it easy for them.

Teen Mom Split!

The Indiana native barely even remembers hitting Gary Shirley, occasional fiance and father of her daughter, Leah. But the consequences haunt her just the same.

TEEN MOM-STER: Amber Portwood pulls double tabloid duty.

Law enforcement began an investigation after September 28's Teen Mom.

A local official said after the incident, “We have an ongoing assessment with regard to the family of Amber Portwood, and we continue to work on this matter.”

Amber, who says she hasn't hit Gary in weeks (baby steps, people, baby steps), “is freaking out over the possibility she could lose her baby,” says an insider.

We doubt she will. The police have an obligation to look into it, but the two just renewed their commitment with promise rings. That's as strong as it gets.


Is it only my imagination, or is Amber a Roseanne Barr clone? Baby Leah needs to be taken away from that lazy hambeast. The only thing I've seen Amber doing, other than smacking and bitching at Gary, is laying around on her ass, ignoring her child. And don't get me started on her bringing an ex-con into her home. Bah!


lol shes gaining the weight back


Umm no Ambur is NOT a good mother she puts her in her crib and lets her cry and Gary NEVER takes care of her either his MOM DOES yeah he may change her diaper but he dont do anything else besides hang out with his brother and friend! And i think they need to take Leah away its a sad thing that they might have too but its for her own good.


Come on guys ! I admit that Amber has acted in a way that is slightly inappropriate for a mother.. But I became a mum when I was 16 and although i always knew i wanted kids i wasnt ready . To be thrown into a situation like this with the babies father who is constantly taunting you and calling you a bad mother must be heartbreaking. Amber is doing her very best and that is so far working out well for Leah. If she ever lay one hand on Leah I would 100%agree that she may not be a fit mother. As for her new BF , you cant judge someone by their past. Just because he made some mistakes in the past doesnt mean he cant be a terrific extra-dad for Leah and a great support system for Amber . When I had my son Sam, I had my family to support me ... i cannot imagine how hard it would have been for Amber all alone.


Ok # 1. Amber is a complete trailer trash looser! Overdone make-up, prison new baby daddy living up in her trashy apartment with no crib sheets. She swears, cusses and screams in front of her baby while the ex con changes her baby's poopy diapers cuz she is too lazy to. Gary at least seems to care and has a heart. She is violent, self asorbed and needs to have a wake up call. She will probably end up working in some trashy strip club giving blow jobs on the side.


Are you people kidding me? First of all neither of them is a stellar parent but then again when babies have babies, this is what happens. Now as far as "abuse"-(in either direction), I am curious... when did our leal system take kids from a home where one parent smacked another? They sure didn't do that when I was growing up! Also, Gary does nothing but taunt and infuriate Amber. He is even more imature than she is and is constantly using that baby against her. Time for both of them to grow up. If they were smart, they would have gone the route of adoption. If that were the case-this wouldn't be news and we wouldn't be sitting her making comments!

Faith maguire

First of all you are dealing with Kids having kids. No they are no more ready for a baby than anything in the world. Where are 'their' parents? Why isn't someone helping them? It's a tremendous responsibility when you are an adult and have a child. I just don't understand all of this reality TV especially when small children are involved. It's sad. And it's even sadder that these teen mothers don't seem to have or get any emotional support from their families. Apparently there are a lot of dysfunctional things going on. I agree that someone needs to step in and start giving some kind of guidance, structure, and support. What a sad sad situation.


Amber dnt listen to this people your beautiful.
Do the right thing for your daughter =]


I agree amber dose need to nave leah taken i said that several episodes ago. when she let the baby cry in her crib because she was mwd and didn't want to deallwith her and after i saw her hit gary. You need help Amber rather you believe it or not.


good thing leah looks like gary, it makes her beautiful, compared to her ugly trashy whore of a mother

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