Amber Portwood Hasn't Hit Gary Shirley in Weeks

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Teen Mom star Amber Portwood has serious anger issues.

On the September 28 episode of the MTV show, she went off, punching, kicking and screaming at on-off fiance Gary Shirley, the father of her daughter Leah.

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"A lot has changed," said Portwood, who is under investigation by the authorities in Anderson, Ind., over the incident. "I haven't hit him since that fight."

ONGOING FEUD: It never really stops for Gamber.

The reality star tries to avoid re-watching her violent outbursts, of which this wasn't the first. She attempted to choke Shirley at one point last season.

"When I see myself in that position, it really opens my eyes," Portwood says, adding that "I want to stop it, because I really don't want to be like that."

Toward achieve that goal, Amber Portwood and Gary Shirley are now in counseling to learn how to "calm down when things happen," for all their sakes.

"We are getting close to finding a solution. If I get mad, I try to think about Leah and how an [outburst] will affect her," she says of the 23-month-old.

She's optimistic she can move on. "I will teach Leah what I've done wasn't right ... I do love this man, but if we keep fighting we can't move forward."


That girl needs some serious help. She is constantly mean to Leah and Gary. Everytime I watch that show I cringe at the way she talks to poor Leah. Nothing Gary does it good enough for her and her house is always a mess. Why doesnt the camera men even say anything about that house. She lays around all day and complains. The few months she did have a job she complained about having to go to work. I feel sry for Leah. Gary can walk away, but baby Leah is stuck with this crazy girl unless Gary mans up and takes her away!


Do me a favor and put this person behind bars... if this were a guy that is exactly where he would be... she doesn't need to have that baby any where around her... she isn't stable and needs help and until she gets it and lots of it (this will not go away over night or even in a few weeks) she should have to be held accountable just like a male would if the situation were reversed! send her teenage angery butt to jail, let her sit in a cell and figure it out....


ok relly amber is so freekin meen to to gary and leah!! like ok what in the hell made her get to where she hade to badley hit gary and take shit out on her kid??? shes such a bitch and she needs to chill the fuck out! and gary i pray to god he finds the strength to walk away from amber and i hope to god he takes leah with him shes better off with him i think anyway.


I just feel sorry for Leah and Gary. Not for Amber!!!!! She's a real "BITCH!!! and from what I've seen, Gary is the only one, trying to make a stable life for his daughter. I've never seen episodes, where her apt. was clean, she's always laying around, and takes things out on her poor baby, if the baby cries....she's a real piece of work.Gary, don't look back, she doesn't love you, she's only using you.There is someone out there, that will love you for yourself. Try and get custody of your daughter..Amber doesn't deserve either one of you.


i am appalled at this news. dont watch this show. but with vidio why isnt this mother arrested and childern services involved? why hasnt this father stepped in and taken his child out of this mess.step up daddy before u both get charged


I pray to god he finds the strength to walk away. As the florists put it, be nice & civil. That's about all she deserves at this point! Their first priority should be all Lea...which Amber needs to warm up too. That poor lil baby is always wandering around...never really seen her hold or luv her...she's too much.


Amber is so mean!! I see Gary keep trying and trying and although I'm sure he's not perfect, at least he's making the attempt to work things out. I'm so glad they aren't getting married right now it seems that would be a train wreck at this point. Maybe in the future with individual and joint counseling they can at least come together and be friendly for Leah's sake. Babies are smarter than they get credit for she knows what's going on.

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