Amber Portwood From Teen Mom Not Dating Sex Offender After All, Just Regular Criminal

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Who are these girls, Jersey Shore stars? This has been quite the week for Teen Mom gossip, with one teenage mother in particular involved in tons of controversy.

Earlier this week, following a violent altercation on their MTV show, Amber Portwood and Gary Shirley, her on-off fiance, became subjects of a police investigation.

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Today, it was reported erroneously by Us Weekly that Amber is dating convicted child sex offender by the name of Christopher Glen Hossman. This is incorrect.

Wherever Amber Portwood goes, controversy follows.

Christopher Glen Hossman is not the guy she's dating on the show. It's just a case of mistaken identity. Amber's BF "Chris" does have a criminal past, however.

On a recent episode of Teen Mom, she asked "Chris" what he did before they met. He revealed that he had, in fact, served time in jail, but never explained why.

"I got into trouble and I got caught, and they put me on work release," he told her. "It's like a jail where you get to go out and work and you have to go back."

Portwood wasn't one to judge. Her philosophy:

"I try to give everyone a second chance and look into their heart. I wouldn't have even given him a chance if he was still into drugs or anything like that."

"I wasn’t okay with his history in jail, but I can’t judge him just by that, because if that was the case, there's plenty in my past that I could be judged on."

Here's hoping she and non-sex offender Chris are happier than she and Gary Shirley. With him, the fact that she hasn't beaten him in weeks is progress.


Amber is a bad mother end of story n y cant cps watch the save n give the little girl 2 her dad the best home 4 her


I do think chris is a bit creepy..and he does more then what amber does and its not his house or his child..I dont think amber should be letting any man other then the father of her child change leahs diaper..In my oppion leah is getting proper care when shes with amber..she abusive and mean she doesnt even play with leah..she just sleeps..amber is the lazy one not gary..Gary should take her to court..I mean what gunna happen if amber gets mad at leah one day????


i cant believe these girls are getting pd for being on teen mom.!!! my daughter got pregnant at 16, she didnt act like this. she grew up fast. she met a nice guy and married. had two more sons. she worked went to school and never acted like amber. amber should be arrested.!! if this was a man hitting a girl on tv he would have been taken to jail. this girl acts like a nut. a comlete drug addict. and she still has lea... go figure. next thing lea will be hit on.!! and maybe worse. then mtv... what are you going to say then.!! she is violent nut.!! gary is lazy, but this girl is so filthy. no sheets even on the crib. what a piece of work.!!


amber is the worse mother i have seen. and filthy to top it off. that little girl needs to be taken from her. gary is to good for her. come on people the mattress that lea slept on had no sheets on it. why does she still have this baby. gary needs to take her to court and get lea. she is filthy. the little girl goes around dirty. she meets the first guy she sees and brings him home. and from wll-mart.!! i cant believe that child protective services hasnt stepped in and investigated this dumb sicko. mtv is getting ridiculous putting her on.!!


hes not a sex offender, he got caught with drugs, He just shares his first and last name with a sex offender, they already proved it


First of all anyone who is with a sex offender you are weak and dont care about yourself or others. They will strike again, may not be now but sometime down the road they will do it again. If they could go back in time they would do it again just try harder to get away with it. Amber is a worthless mother and i feel sorry for leah and gary...Gary good luck and i hope you get some sense to take leah from are better then her without a just need help building up your self esteem...I am so tired of people treating sex offenders as if they are the victims...but once it happens to you, you will start to see it differently...


For the idiot who said they are a teen mom and they date a sex offender and there's nothing wrong with that....What??!! I shouldn't be surprised, being a teen mom shows a tremendous lack of responsibility, common sense as well as maturity. There's not one of these teen moms who had a good, fulfilling life since getting pregnant and having a baby. Many have said that they had no idea it was gonna be this hard and probably would have thought twice about unprotected sex had they known. So when some immature girl says she dates a sex offender and it's okay, I'm definitely not surprised, just aware that she doesn't give a damn about her child, herself or anything relevant.


hmmmmmmmmmmm excuse me.... im a teen mom and im engaged to sex offender...... there is nothing wrong with what your accusing amber of


Gary nor Ambur need her! Its pretty bad when her new boyfriend takes care of her and cleans her house while she's Fiddle F***in around with Gary that drives off i mean come on Gary be a man stand up to her!! and gary dont need her because he dont do ANYTHING with her his mom takes care of her. But i do give Gary this.. when he said he didnt want Chris changing Leahs diapers you can tell something was wrong and i think he is a child molester.. Just sayin watch the recent episode..


Gary needs to get rid of Amber!! Take her to court for custody...Amber knows she will lose custody with all her violence. She neglects Leah everytime she has her, its sad! Gary actually plays with Leah and you can tell Leah prefers Gary over Amber the way she runs to him and gets upset when he leaves. Amber changed since she lost all this weight, calling Gary a fatass...well Amber, you were in his footsteps not too long ago... Gary! Stop saying sorry to Amber, and forget about her! She treats you like shit!

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