Adam Lambert to Teens: I Get Bullied, Too

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There's so much more to me than who I choose to sleep with. You are so much more than your orientation. Be strong. Pay attention to the positive.

It's hard to imagine a better role model for confused, at-risk youths than Adam Lambert.

This well-spoken, talented singer is unafraid and unashamed to be true to who he is, yet he refuses to simply be labeled as a gay singer. How come?

Because, as Lambert explains in the video below, one's sexual orientation is such a small part of who one actually is. Yes, it gets better, he tells bullied teens around the world... but only if you stay strong, stay focused and never let the ignorant win.


Absolutely wonderful! A great human being.


I applaud Adam for his honesty and not trying to hide who he is. It shouldn't matter what someone's sexual preferences are only who they are. So many people in this country (America) are full of hate and ignorance. It makes me cringe when I hear someone say something derogatory toward a gay person. They are not just "gay" they are a person with feelings and that is only a small part of who they are. I am a "straight" female and I would hate to be labled that because that does not describe WHO I am as a person. Stay strong Adam, you are a beautiful person!


The stupid homophobes in this world are the ones killing the poor gay children. So sad!!! Thumbs up to Adam for helping them!!


true idol.


Love you brave Adam, we just love you!!


I love you Adam. You're my idol, realy. Like you sead it doesn't mean whit who you sleep or how do you dress, you just have to be your self. Be difrend. Whene you become fameous I heard your music and is osome. And they sead to me why you listen to him, he's gay and bla bla bla... And I sead to the thath it doesn't mean if he is gay, all it mathers in the kind of person you are and not how you dress and thath things. And thene they think you're crazy because you listen to them. What a losers. And just thath you know thise is writen by 13 year old girl from Slovenia.


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