Adam Lambert to Teens: I Get Bullied, Too

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There's so much more to me than who I choose to sleep with. You are so much more than your orientation. Be strong. Pay attention to the positive.

It's hard to imagine a better role model for confused, at-risk youths than Adam Lambert.

This well-spoken, talented singer is unafraid and unashamed to be true to who he is, yet he refuses to simply be labeled as a gay singer. How come?

Because, as Lambert explains in the video below, one's sexual orientation is such a small part of who one actually is. Yes, it gets better, he tells bullied teens around the world... but only if you stay strong, stay focused and never let the ignorant win.

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I love u Adam. I'm not gay ,but have lots of friends that r,i love them unconditionly , It's so sad people have to be so cruel in this world & have to judge people, i believe people like that have know love in there life that's why there the way they r....Keep up the great work u do & remember "ALL WE NEED IN THIS WORLD IS SOME LOVE"...


I am 50 something, and bullying has always been a problem, however, with this new technology I feel it is so much worse today. A few that just focus on who you sleep with, are those who fear themselves. They are so small minded. The bullying has to stop! Adam, you are so good for the young people, and I have to say, I love your music. Keep up the good work son.


i thought i loved u bc u were the greatest talent today but now i love u bc u are the greatest person today...u go adam..u are so awesome. u r a role model for just about everything....


thanks to Adam for this message..I think he is an awesome person and entertainer..I hope anyone that feels bullied takes to heart what he is saying..we are all different in one way or another and we should just all respect and love one another..this country has enough problems we shouldn't have to worry about our kids ending their lives over what a few ignorant people choose to say..just be true to yourself and don't let the idiots win !!


I wish people had tolerance. You don't have to agree with someone's lifestyle choices to treat them with respect. My father-in-law is one of the most non-tolerant people I know. His comment to the gays killing themselves was that it served them right for being gay. That is just mean and hurtful. I don't agree with being gay/lesbian but I would never treat someone any differently than a straight person.


Thank you Adam Lambert for all the kids out there that are bullied everyday for whatever reason that may be. You are an inspiration to them. Who cares who you sleep with, that has absolutely nothing to do with your talents. You can dance and you have one of the most extraodinary voices I have ever heard in my life. Glad you are here. Good luck with your career and once again thanks for standing up for our children.


Adam I loved you from the first time I saw you on Idol. I knew there was something special about you. I am a single mother of a awesome 8 year old son, and I am hear to tell you, if he were to come to me and tell me he was gay, I would love him no less and I would make sure that he knew who you are and make sure that he takes after you! As a matter of fact, I am a little jealous of you! How can a man be that beautiful as a man or a woman!!! You are a great role model! I dont think you will but dont let this fame change you!!! That would be a waste!


I love that guy. Really, he's such an inspiration.


Adam, i am a 55 year old married women who thinks you should be the spokesperson for all gays. The bulling has got to stop and i really think for some reason kids are going to listen to you, i think you could change the world. Keep on talking.


Adam is an extraordinary singer who happens to be gay. I think he is the most talented pop/rock singer in the music industry right now. Sadly many ignorant people just simply label him as a gay singer. To the bullied teens around the world : please stay strong. You are not alone!