Adam Lambert to Share True Hollywood Story on E!

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Adam Lambert will soon be receiving the E! True Hollywood Story treatment.

On November 21, the network will dedicate an hour to the former American Idol runner-up, who has amassed both critics and fans since first appearing on TV's highest-rated show.

"I'm an entertainer. To provoke conversation and opinion is part of what I do," Lambert says during an interview portion of the program.

In New Zealand

The program will also feature conversations with those closest to the singer, including parents Leila and Eber, brother Neil and friends Anne Powers and Vanessa Grigoriadis.

"I'm very fortunate to have parents that recognized that I was different and recognized how I was special. They didn't ever try to box me in," says Lambert, who also admits that he "lived a rock star lifestyle" during his early days of performing in musical theater groups on cruise ships and throughout Europe.

The singer will tackle a number of topics on the special, from flamboyant photos of him being leaked during his Idol run; to coming out on the cover of Rolling Stone;  to his controversial
American Music Awards performance.

"My fans have been really supportive of my choice to be open and upfront about my sexuality and my lifestyle," he says. "I have come from the belief that hiding something from people and manipulating what they think of you is far more offensive and disrespectful than just being upfront and being who you are."

Set your DVR accordingly, Adam fans! Then, click on the following images of Lambert performing last week in New Zealand to stay up to date with this talented star...

Rocking New Zealand
Totally Dressed Up
Southern Hemisphere Concert
Adam and Guitarist
Going All Out for Fans
Lambert in New Zealand

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Yes, Adam, we love you for your honesty and being who you are. You are one of the most talented singers and the best live performer. You are truly a genius entertainer. Thank you so much for the past whole year of joy. Your Glam Nation Tour is the BEST. Now, I can't wait for Nov. 21th to come. I am proud to be a fan of yours.


YES!Finally! I have been waiting for this day since AI8. Adam is multi-octave singer with personality to match,he is inteligent and charming. I am a proud fan for life.


Not only is Adam Lambert a talented singer he also gives great interviews because of his kind down to earth personality and smarts. So looking forward to this program and my vcr will be set to tape the show so that I can watch it more than once. Congratulations to Adam on his continued success.


Yayyy, there was such garbage on TV that night, now i get to watch the best, ADAM LAMBERT!!! Cant wait!!!!


I can't wait to catch the program. I think Adam Lambert is one of the talented male vocalist out there today so it is always interesting to hear him talk. He is also coming out with an accoustic album around Thanksgiving so that should be fantastic as well.


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