Adam Lambert on Planned Malaysian Protests: What's THE Gay Lifestyle?!?

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When Adam Lambert performs in Malaysia on Thursday as part of his Glam Nation tour, he may face a protest by as many as one million residents.

That's because the country's second largest political party, the Pan Malaysian Islamic Party, has come down on the singer and his "outrageous" participation in the "gay culture."

In response to this charge, and that country's strict performance guidelines, Adam Tweeted that he plans to "make a few minor adjustments out of respect for the Malaysian government."

But he then followed up that mild missive with the following, more explicit statement:

Does my show ‘promote the gay lifestyle’? It promotes living ANY lifestyle that includes the freedom to seek love and intimacy. Gay, straight, bi, young or old. It’s all inclusive….Plus, what’s THE gay lifestyle? There isn’t just one. There are so many different kinds of gay people. We have a variety of different lifestyles. There’s not only one lifestyle lived by straight folks. Generalizing…

Lambert, of course, is no stranger to criticism. He faced a backlash from the FCC and ABC for his racy performance at last year's AMAs.

Since then, though, the artist has toured North America and continued to push the envelope, much to the delight of his fans. Will he be able to restrain himself abroad, especially in a conservative region where the act of homosexual sex is considered a crime?

We'll soon find out... and will be rooting for Adam in all he does!


hi,, I'm Malaysian.. Adam i just want to say,, i always be on ur sides,,


@Char Kaiser
What? How is Adam ashamed of being a man, just because his attire is somewhat flamboyant?


I'm a Malaysian, I have lots of gay friends, and I say, ADAM LAMBERT MUST COME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)


I'm on your side Adam


things that makes you say: You are sooooooo sick, your interpretation says a lot of the state of your mind and soul. You need a doctor and a priest honey


Adam, I love you very much but honey you are crossing the line and will only ruin everything for yourself. I know, be true to yourself. I am heterosexual and I have sex but not in front of others to prove what I am. I dress like a female because it's who I am.I don't want to agree with many others who feel that male gays are mentally unbalanced [as women too] but why do you guys play both sides of the wardrobe? Are you ashamed of being a man? If so, then why do you desire them. Be careful. Heading in the wrong direction. Quit trying to prove a point. You say women kiss on stage. I don't like that either but here's my point. If others commit suicide will you do the same? Wake up Adam. be a man. Your future is at stake. Don't screw it up just to ...prove points. Not worth it.


@things that make you say: I do believe you are putting way too much emphasis on the word "young". NO WHERE in his statement does it support your claims of "children" being sexual. You are turning a simple statement that is meant to support diversity among people into a radical statement of underage sex. It is obvious that you are extremely closed minded and prejudice against anything that is different than what you consider to be normal and acceptable.


Things that make you say
Boy, you pounced on young right away. Adam's fans know that
when he says young, he does not mean children. Your insinuation, to the contrary, tells me that you do not like Adam or gays. And don't even imply tht you do. It's not the first time Adam's had to deal with right-wing nuts. I just wish that he does not go to that hostile environment, as there are other countries which do not promote ani-gay policies. Shame on the right-wing Islamic party!!!
I have as much respect for your twisted beliefs as I have forthe Catholic Church's.


The freedom to think and voice opinions? Adam should consider where he is going and be willing to accept the consequences. Why he would make a choice to tour in such a strick environment invites the invitation to look for trouble. North America is more accepting because we have more exposure to the gay community and still there are people who just will not accept anything or anybody who is gay. To say the least Adam comes from a more tolorant society. Malasia is everything, but tolorant. It is not worth the trouble or aggravation; he has a huge audience why rock the boat? Adam should stay on common ground and go where people really want to see him. He is already a huge success in so many Countries; he doesn't need to go to Malasia! Honesty, I would cancel my tour and tell Malasia to get lost!!


"Things that make you say", you are reading something into Adams statement that is not there. I have heard him say before that he does not want to be defined by his sexual preference, his message is and always has been acceptance of diversity, whether that acceptance is related to age, race, sexual preference, religion, etc. You know, its kind of the same message as Martin Luther King said, hoping that his children would someday be judged by the content of their character, rather than the color of their skin.

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