Aaron Carter Shirtless: Sexy or Scary?

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This is really Aaron Carter.

The brother of Backstreet Boy Nick and former Dancing With the Stars contender has apparently been hanging out with The Situation. Look at this physique ...

Amanda Bynes Twit Pic

Aaron Carter shirtless. It's a tad intense. We are scared.

What this picture, which Carter Tweeted, has to do with the messages he posted along with it, we have no idea, but here's what the singer wrote last week:

"I've been at Johnny Wright's compound working on my mind, music, and body for a new album release," he wrote, followed by "ahhhh yawn... here i go again!!!! 1000 pull ups today 7 mile run the 1000 sit ups, i can't stop myself."

Can you stop yourself? Tell us ... would you hit it?

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hey whats your nun


hey whats your name


Don't like it


its gross he looks a wanna be eminem


You can't hit that...it hits back!!!!


wellll somebody used P90X lol ..he just looks gross


who knew the backstreet boys were on steroids