Willow Smith Releases Single: What Do You Think?

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Look out, Will Smith. Your children are coming for your spot on the A-list.

Earlier this summer, son Jaden anchored the number-one movie in the country, as his Karate Kid remake surpassed box office expectations. The young star has even sung along with Justin Bieber.

Now, daughter Willow Smith is making headlines. She's released a single titled "Whip My Hair" and has already been signed to Jay-Z's Roc Nation record label. Take a listen below and then chime in with your take on it:

What do you think?


Okay i got a comment for Laura who really are you to judge this little kids? why cause they are rich and your NOT.. Dont pass judgment on them or their parent and if you followed at all on will or his wife you would find out that they are two of the best parent that are on t.v or even in the spot light... those kids are very well behaved, you are a just a jealous person who wishes you had their life, cause otherwise you wouldn't be the type to sit and talk about a little girl or boy like you are now so i guess that goes to show how you were raised as a child your self so i would hate to see if you had kids what they are liked... you need to seriously find a hobby or get a job or maybe 2.


In my opinion she is good but you need to take out i wear my hair back and forth out she sings that way to much... other then that she sounds really goog


Voice not bad. Not the right song choice for your age.


It's annoying, very annoying!


She's got a good voice under all the rapping and over-produced music. The chorus is very annoying and makes the song terrible.


That is awful. Sounds like a grown person singing with a little kid singing in the background.
I would not buy that album at all... What's with these kids thinking that they can sing. geezz


just because your parents did something doesnt mean you should... and i am just wondering what age is she? 7?? 9?? clearly her parents are creating this stuff and teaching her to perform like a trained monkey she got her father's ears, thats for sure. those kids are going to be a complete nightmare when they are teenagers, they probably already are a nightmare. i bet they talk down to their nannies and maids like they are the scum of the earth... never mind being a star, gargantuan a-holes is what they'll be.


she's as good as anyone else that steps behind a mic in an OVER produced sound emitting from a studio. You could put my dog in a studio with a lot of electronic magic and wa la

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