Willow Smith Releases Single: What Do You Think?

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Look out, Will Smith. Your children are coming for your spot on the A-list.

Earlier this summer, son Jaden anchored the number-one movie in the country, as his Karate Kid remake surpassed box office expectations. The young star has even sung along with Justin Bieber.

Now, daughter Willow Smith is making headlines. She's released a single titled "Whip My Hair" and has already been signed to Jay-Z's Roc Nation record label. Take a listen below and then chime in with your take on it:

What do you think?


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not bad, but the song is too adult for her. theres alot of double meanings in this song. the term whip your hair is totally a sexual term right there. why cant she sing about puppies and rainbows?haha


hey miss Willow.... can i get your phone number... wana call you some time just to hear your voice..... realy love you


Wow, that's definitely Will Smith's daughter! She is good, watch out Rihanna.


Ugh! She's 9!!! Of course, parents let their kids start listening to (c)rap and hip-hop at that age... Why are Jada and Will indulging her this way? Oh, I know...they have major bucks and it'll get press....and I'm worried about your comment, Jasmine Brown; do you write all your school papers like that? You're gonna end up in the assistance line if you don't stop that...just FYI.


its great i love the song but the rapping doents goes with a 9year old girl i like the beat it gets you moving alot but i cannot understand a word she is singing but i lover her to death!!!! love you willow!!


I like it.. Its great for the kiddies and Im 31. My kids want it on their iPods. STOP thinking LiL Wayne and think 9yr old!!


Sorry, it drove me crazy. Hair back and forth,just too much. It seems like she got a good voice, only if she'd sing. Instead of scream.


YOU GO GIRL !!!!!!!!!!!!


shes awesome!!like beyance and rihanna!!!but i think she should fix her hair!!good luckkk!:)


I think the song is VERY good for a 9 year old! The most important thing is that she is talking about something that is AGE APPROPRIATE! Too many times record labels have young artists singing/rapping about something that they know nothing about! A little less "whip my hair back & forth" would have made the song GREAT!