Sarah Palin to Appear on Dancing With the Stars?

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Dancing With the Stars must not have much faith in Bristol Palin.

In her tangoin' talents, anyway. Usually, DWTS producers save the big ratings guns for the end of the season, but a very special segment on Bristol and her famous family connections looks to be airing this coming Monday night.

How do we know? Twitter Exhibit A:

Sarah Palin Tweets a photo of herself with Mark Ballas.

Hot off their successful debut (hey, The Hoff was hassled instead of her), Bristol and partner Mark Ballas are currently in Wasilla, Alaska, for a little practice ... and a little pre-taped, star-studded filming to air prior to their performance.

We have a hunch who might be appearing on that footage. Just a hunch.

Who are you rooting for on Dancing With the Stars? Bristol? Vote!


It's very sad they dissed Bristol by having her Mom on as a guest ANYTHING. Palin is a loose cannon and the show's producers screwed the pooch with the decision to have her on, much less interviewed. BAD MOVE, ABC. I've adored this show and it's been must-see viewing since it first aired, but if you guys keep doing this you take your show and shove it. I don't watch to see wanna-be political aspirants, but to see DANCING. get a grip.


Who Cares about Sarah Palin being on the show. I thought this was a dance contest show!

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