Who Would Cheat on This?!?

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Ashton Kutcher has been accused of infidelity by Star Magazine.

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    Hey ! whats wrong with people today anyone with her kinda money can look like that at her age.It's not like she is all natural she's paided alot of money to look the way she does.Shes think's shes hot for 47 but she's nothing but a liar she paided a doc to make her look that way wake up people.Hey and Ashton is an asshole so who cares really.


    She is 47. The other one is 20 something, 20 something wins.


    I like Rumer better.


    Demi needs a hobby, too much time on her hands. lol I guess I do too! She is always so clothed and lady like. What happened!? I agree with the poster who said she is a bit imature and therefore a good match for Ashton. Good lord has anyone seen him on "Punked?" OMG I SO don't get it. What happens when you are her age and want to have intelligent, adult conversation? I mean swinging from chadeliers (I am SURE that phase is long since past) only takes so much time out of the day.


    Laura, I soooo agree with you. It has nothing to do with how hot you are but the dudes' morals.
    How sad Demi has to resort to that embarrassing tweet but maybe that is why she and Ashton get along, She is still acting like a teenager and can't accept the fact that she is getting OLD. That is a fact Demi, you can't change that you are getting old! Your skin will wrinkle no matter what you do, period. Take it from someone who was hotter than you in my forties with no surgery. Things will change.


    Who takes pictures of themselves like that?! INSECURE, IMMATURE (and a little weird).


    She posted these pics on dailybooth 2weeks ago! She didn't tweet. And she was just enjoying beach party.


    Does she really need to show off her hot bod? I think not. This doesn't prove that her husband didn't cheated, only that if he did cheat, he's a stupid idiot. I would use stronger words but you get the point.


    In the words of the late legendary superstar/husband of nearly 50 years,Paul Newman.
    Why go out for hamburgers, when you have steak at home?


    yeah, its pretty unbelievable that a 47 year old woman is so immature that she needs to post pictures like these on twitter...really sad.

    and she has had tons of plastic surgery and has all the money in the world to spend on being vain, so she will of course look good...she is vain and superficial. clearly.

    she does look good for 47 but thats not because shes a normal person. and one day he really will cheat on her because the surgery wont be enough to hide her age.

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