Warrant Issued For Lindsay Lohan; Train Wreck Will Face the Music Friday Morning

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In the wake of her failed drug tests, Lindsay Lohan's probation has just been revoked and a bench warrant has been issued for the troubled actress' arrest.

However, the bench warrant is being held, i.e. she won't be hunted down and hauled away - until Friday at 8:30 a.m., when Lindsay must appear in court.

If she doesn't show, it gets ugly. But a high-profile defendant such as Lohan isn't a flight risk, so cops aren't going to be dispatched unless she blows off court.

Tip 'o the Hat

Better iron that orange jumpsuit, girl. [Photo: PacificCoastNewsOnline.com]

The move by Judge Elden Fox to revoke her probation comes amid reports - ones confirmed by Lindsay - that she failed two drug tests mandated by the court.

One showed the presence of cocaine and another showed amphetamines. It's unclear which, but Adderall, a drug she's been hooked on, is an amphetamine.

Lindsay's early release from jail was conditional upon her abiding by the terms of her probation, which she clearly has not. So on Friday, the bell may toll.

What do you think? Send her back to the can?


It's that Hilton c___'s fault. Lohan, Spears... she gets them in the car and drives them straight to hell. Run away, Lindsay. Get straight and get away...


Well, you know, like her mother said, the media portrays her in a bad light etc. Is it still the media's fault this time? Lohan and her mom can only use so many excuses for so long. She's been messed up for so long now, there is no way 60 days in jail or rehab is going to work. She needs long time care.


Namaste, I told you so. This girl is talented and you my like her. But she is unreacheble. They don't live healthy lives being famous. Hollow and not being able herself anymore. Their whole lives are becoming an act. It messes your personlity up. Britney Spears screamd after a suicide attempt in the almost nuthouse: I'm fake!" While she acted to be the happy rich popstar. Talent is wasted on the price of fame. There is no stopping of that. Fame is a bunch of bullcrap. One can't by happyness. There is no happy ending in Hollywood. Just simply do the math yourself. I am hubbling in old grandma's chair like an oracle. Waiting for the meltdown of this poor girl. Meanwhile praying and meditating. So let it be written, So let it be done. Ohm shanti.


no matter what happens i am always gonna be on her side, she's doing her best, and Lindsay if you're reading this we are here for you, we believe in you !


Ok so seriously, how long does drugs stay in ur system?..I mean for the drugs that she was on?...is 6 months really all it takes to get cleaned, don't be so hard on her, once u've used drugs it's hard to just quit !!!..(from watching a documentary of a rehab)...But come on u guys give her a chance!!!


I was SO 'on her side' that she would be OK . but NOT long enough .. rehab never should have been shortened . even that was too short . 6 mos. minimum . shame . do NOT want another celeb death .. that is, I am afraid, where she is heading:(


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