Wanna Sleep with Justin Bieber?

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Move over, Jasmine Villegas, you aren't the only one who gets to sleep with Justin Bieber.

A Canadian company called Lady Sandra Home Fashions will soon unveil a Bieber-based set of bedding, bath and home products. It's signed a licensing deal with the adorable crooner.

"We have created different looks based on these images - we have the ‘rock star' Justin, the ‘laid back' Justin, and the ‘dreamy' Justin - all while keeping his image true to his fans," said Maria De Stefano, the company's art director. "The core color for most of the products is purple. Why? Simply because it is Justin Bieber's favorite color."

Please, tell us something we don't know!

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Who wants to sleep with Justin Bieber... sort of literally?!?

Available in November, this line will include pillow cases, sheets and comforters with Bieber's smiling face on them. Seriously, can you imagine a better stocking stuffer?!?

Shower curtains and bath mats with Justin's mug plastered on them will also go on sale later this fall. Said Lady Sandra's CEO, Martin Novack:

"My own daughter is 18 years old, and she and a ton of her friends love Justin Bieber. We feel Justin Bieber is a real phenomenon. He is not just a license. He isn't just some young pop star. He is a rare phenomenon. The last one we had like that was Michael Jackson."

Yes, Justin Bieber has just been compared to Michael Jackson. Think that's fair or foul?


i need to get justin beiber stuff


justin beiber sux


well jb is realyugly and he doesnt deserve to steal mjs spotligt out of asuden so you are gay i hate you and i only like you smile the song you man hore


im soooooo gunna get that! my room is so gunna be bieberfied! i love him! hes amazing! :D


I want that


ok. i know everyone is inlove with him, he has good songs, but should not be compared to michael jackson. and bedding and bathroom stuff, that is a little overboard!




my momgot to get meiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiitttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt


I love Justin Bieber dont get me wrong I call him my husband my room is covered in posters of him but bedding and bathroom stuff i think it's a little over board.


I don't hate Justin, and I like some of his songs, but I really don't understand why so many girls my age go gaga over him. I mean, yeah, I think he's a good singer, he can dance and everything and he's not a fake, but a phenomenon? I don't know, he's just like an every-day ordinary pop star to me. Maybe the only thing that makes him a lil' bit special is the way he was discovered. But that's all, I guess. And though I'm not really an MJ fan, I've got respect for that guy and I think Justin is nowhere near him. That woman is a nutcase.


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