Vintage Miley Cyrus: Listen to "See You in Another Life"

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For the second time in a couple weeks, a new Miley Cyrus single has leaked online. Well, an old Miley Cyrus single, really.

First, we played "Giving You Up" for readers, a song recorded for the 2008 album "Breakout," but one that never made it on to the CD.

Now, we're excited to presented "See You in Another Life," a tune that suffered the same fate. Did it deserve a spot on that album? Should Miley make a music video for it? Listen and sound off now:

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i love miley she's just amazingg ......and heaters y are making her moree famous with you;re stupid commentss.....i like this songgg ....and all the otherss stufff that comess formm her ,


miley hates y do u even come to this page if u hate her...f-off she has a life not like u haters nothing better to do than commenting stupid comment


Miley is jus being her self n if u cant explain to ur kids to be them self n not fallow other then dats ur promble...Miley is not ah slut or ah stripper shes jus enjoying lyfe..LUV DA SONG n yah i think it could be ah hit!!!




HI I hate miley cyrus she is way to young to be a striper


This song is from her breakout album so tht means this song was made when she was like 15 and this is nothin compared to her now ! DUMBASSES


See this is what I am talking about!! This is the kind of music I would like her to sing about!!!!!!


UMm i dntt kow bboutt her i cuss i used to like her btt she turnedd nasty so i dntt kow ! Btt if she turnss backk to an innocent girl(lol] people will start likinqq her aqainn && this sonqq can be a hit :))


She sounds like a real artist in this one and not a mainstream pop star. This song is good. The end.


UMm i dntt kow bboutt her i