Vintage Miley Cyrus: Listen to "See You in Another Life"

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For the second time in a couple weeks, a new Miley Cyrus single has leaked online. Well, an old Miley Cyrus single, really.

First, we played "Giving You Up" for readers, a song recorded for the 2008 album "Breakout," but one that never made it on to the CD.

Now, we're excited to presented "See You in Another Life," a tune that suffered the same fate. Did it deserve a spot on that album? Should Miley make a music video for it? Listen and sound off now:


I think it's okey to be a little nuaght for a will. Miley is so young she is at the stage of expierincing life at it is,but because of the media blowing things out of propotion making nomarlly to be saw as a sin like the never been on that stage and I think you have a fabulous life miley and I like you can you respond plz


i think she's an amazing artist and to be honest i prefer her new image...its more lively and exciting. shes being herself, not what disney tell her to be:)


To the fake @'hollywood' below:Yeah---like I'd ever say something like that to,or about, Miley...Grow-up you twisted little vermin. Everyone knows your hacking garbage isn't me. Isn't it time for your cartoons or something? Later losers; Hollywood---out...


Oh how l would love to fuck Mileys tight little asshole


Oh how cute---the hackers are back(see below,here,past @Teagan Macdonald-Smith). But you Losers who are hacking here and using my name should know---No-one buys it. I don't talk like that. And, I've Certainly never talked to Miley like that,soooo---you're just wasting your time...Since you want to hack,why don't you go somewhere and make yourself useful,'cause---you're sure not doing it here...
Or,could it be that you're Afraid to go and do a Real Hack-job somewhere else because--you're Really not as good as you'd like to think and you'd get your wise little asses caught?? Hmmm...Sounds about right to me...
Though,usually only celebrities get hacked sooo---Thanks for the Flattery! I'm now important enough to be 'hacked'---C-O-O-L! Later all; the Real Hollywood---out...


ilove miley cyrus i always have and i always will asswell dnt worry about the haters dont listen to them there just jealous of miley cause shes has fun and not them keep on rockin miley and doin that kind of music ilove u ...


Miley ,I love ur smile,i could hold down my trailer with dem big teeth of ur's.


i love miley so much: always have and always will


Love it!


i love miley she's the bestt .....haterss y are making her moree famous with you;re stupid comments ...i like this songg ..and all the other stuff that comes fromm ....destinyy hopee

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