Vinny Guadagnino on Angelina Pivarnick Hookup: Whatevah!

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In the Jersey Shore lexicon, Angelina Pivarnick might qualify as a grenade. One of her co-stars' recent comments would seem to corroborate this statement.

After all, Vinny Guadagnino called the self-proclaimed Kim Kardashian of Staten Island "more like the Rob Kardashian of Staten Island" and an "ugly b!tch."

Later on last week's episode, he hooked up with that anyway. So it goes.

Vinny Guadagnino on the Move
A. Pivarnick Pic

Amazingly, Vinny does not regret getting with Angelina.

While fans were a bit surprised at the hookup, which followed an angry war of words and some harsh Jersey Shore quotes, Vinny says it's all good, bro.

"I don't [regret it] at all," he told Us Weekly. "It might seem like I do because you watch it on TV and people [wonder], like, 'what are you thinking?'"

Still, Guadagnino said that Pivarnick fell off the "ugly truck." So there's really no getting around the fact that their hookup wasn't his finest moment.

"Angelina probably isn't the best person to hook up with, but we were out partying and having fun," he adds. "They aren't all going to be 9s and 10s!"

True, but Angelina is like a 2.5. Maybe a 4-5 if she doesn't speak.


hey wat up think they r great couple


Vinny you are such a nice guy.. why did you hook up w/the staten Island Ferry. She is such an ugly bitch..she has no class what so ever she is such a fony.....I am sure that ther is someone out there for you deserve a nice home girl...


I think they both can look like 8's when they really try. Angelina looks good when she's going out on a real date and her attitude is half her problem..when she acts polite and happy she looks so much better! Vinnie's cute too! (just not together)


they get in fight gose to big thing and they stared fight and artle they family..???


Go team Vinny!!!

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