Tiger Woods Mistress Update: Who Got Fired? Who Spoke Out?

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Tiger Woods is officially divorced. But, come on, do you really think that means we've heard the last about his cheating ways and the women not named Elin Nordegren with whom he had intercourse while married?

Many of them are back in the news this week. First, Devon James got fired from her job as a prostitute at the world famous Bunny Ranch in Nevada because owner Dennis Hoff said she broke the establishment's golden rule: total and complete silence about the brothel happenings.

She "broke the code, which is privacy and discretion with all clients," Hoff told TMZ, adding hilariously: "She is a disgusting excuse for a working girl... she's a scumbag and a snitch."

What Did Elin Know?

James isn't the only former fling speaking out.

In the latest issue of Life & Style, a pair of past mistresses claim Elin wasn't as ignorant over her husband's adultery as she has claimed. Here's what they had to say:

Jaimee Grubbs: "Money can buy anything - including silence."

Jamie Jungers: I don't believe Elin was blindsided... I'm sure [she] is hiding millions of secrets. She's not a stupid woman. I'd imagine she knew more about his indiscretions than she wanted to say."

What has Elin said about the ordeal? Go back and read her one interview about it NOW.


Still a brand, and now the brand vauels have changed which require a re-branding. It will be difficult to run television spots having kids saying I am Tiger Woods.


mcq316 / So the auohtr knows a guy who knows a guy who knows Tiger's agent, and that guy has the real' story.If you believe that, I got some magic' beans to sell ya.


from what i can see of •Tiger Woods and his ladys,the black women has to be the smartest one of them all,becaus there are none,just all stupied white bimbos.ya all need to get a real life.


Elin deserved every penny she got from that ugly smart aleck, she has to worry for years whether she will test positive for aids!


You are naive and Elin Nordegren does not care about your Sympathy if you have a millon pounds Elin will not look at you and Tiger must have forced Elin for Divorce.


Message for Carmen Says
You are naive and Elin Nordegren does care about your Sympathy and Tiger must have forced Elin for Divorce.


Carmen, I hate to burst your bubble, but what Tiger did to Elin is wrong, but it is NOT illegal - even though you wish it to be. You and all the "women" he was involved with need to move on.


Eldrick deserves to be married to a prostitute since he caused the break-up of his marriage over prostitutes. He's as weird and as homely as one can get. Elin was much too good for the nasty lecher.


And I would "want to get this look" why? Good Lord, get real. She looks like most of the other women he banged..... after a while I'm afraid they just all look the same. "Cookie-cutter sluts" good one, in Elin we get to witness a classy woman, a focused woman and a woman with purpose. Just can't top that.


don't these stupid women know that all tiger wants is to get his doddle wet.

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