T.I., Tiny Arrested For Ecstasy; Mug Shots Released

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The drugs found in the car that rapper T.I. and Tameka "Tiny" Cottle were riding in Wednesday night were in fact ecstasy pills, according to law enforcement.

Sources say the lab determined the pills were ecstasy after running the proper tests. Reports that they were ridin' with E and sizzurp surfaced yesterday.

T.I. Mug Shot
Tiny Cottle Mug Shot

His and hers mug shots for the newlyweds!

T.I. and Tameka Cottle were busted for felony drug possession after cops pulled them over for pulling an illegal U-turn, then found a controlled substance.

TMZ first obtained the mug shots taken by T.I. and Tiny, as well as reported the confirmation of ecstasy as the drugs found in the arrested couple's car.


I am deeply saddened.....I hope that the two can over come this situation. My prayers are with T.I.,Tiny & Their family. We are so quick to crucify or socially kill our people:( We have have all made poor decisions........


WOW I cant really believe that they just got arrested.... Im going to go see the movie Takers and I am a big fan of T.I good luck TI I love u TI


batmans mami: i am a big TI fan, but i refuse to support more black entertainers going to jail for avoidable mistakes. if you are black and famous, you really should be more careful. undoubtedly we as a people need to realize that we are all on an even playing field when it comes down to it, but until we realize that, black entertainers just need to be more cautious (athletes included). i have made plenty of "illegal" u-turns in los angeles, some with police present, and nobody cared. the only way the cops knew about them was either a.) they turned in the middle of traffic, or b.) they were tailed. either way, they are both too old and have been in this business too long to be riding dirty, especially without a driver. TI is my dude, but this is ridiculous. the brother has to step up his game and realize that he is no longer just a "hood nigga" and stop making foolish decisions.


wat da hell were yall thinkin .....T.I u were doin good with da new movie oud n a new show comin oud .........now wat happen smthin waz goin threw your head or somthin ....>>>juz keep ur HEAD UP


Ya'll so quick to cast tha first stone. JESUS was the ONLY human whom walked this earth PERFECT maybe u should look at ur past and post all ur failures and let these other wicked people cast their first stones on ya'll. Damn first u on this nicca's jocc, then u hatin cuz he with TINY, then u mad and say FREE T.I., then u hatin cuz he get married to TINY, then u show him love cuz he released from jail, then u on his jocc cuz he #1 again, then u hate cuz this nicca made an illeal u turn in LA n r hatin cuz he aint paying some1 to drive him around. At least let T.I. n TINY make a damn statement. WTF u people need to either be a down true hard fan or be some succaz like ya'll are. Keep yo' heads up T.I. n TINY let these hataz hate cuz they love u when u on top but hate u when the devil tries to get u.


I am a BIG TI fan but after this IDK anymore. I agree why didnt they just pay a driver???? I mean for real you just got out of jail. Your top priority should be getting career back on track. SMH


For all of the money that rappers make these days is it too much for them to hire a driver for when they go out? I'm just sayin', I wouldn't be able to find my face on ecstasy let alone my car keys.


She looks craaaaaaaaaaaaaaaacked.


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