T.I., Tiny Arrested For Ecstasy; Mug Shots Released

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The drugs found in the car that rapper T.I. and Tameka "Tiny" Cottle were riding in Wednesday night were in fact ecstasy pills, according to law enforcement.

Sources say the lab determined the pills were ecstasy after running the proper tests. Reports that they were ridin' with E and sizzurp surfaced yesterday.

  • T.I. Mug Shot
  • Tiny Cottle Mug Shot

His and hers mug shots for the newlyweds!

T.I. and Tameka Cottle were busted for felony drug possession after cops pulled them over for pulling an illegal U-turn, then found a controlled substance.

TMZ first obtained the mug shots taken by T.I. and Tiny, as well as reported the confirmation of ecstasy as the drugs found in the arrested couple's car.


wow i can't believe wat they did that's so impossible


ti my heart goes out to you and your family,"let he without sin cast the first stone". we do have laws in place for reasons but they seem to be for some of the people some of the time.it could have been worse.i love you,but he loves you best.


I love TI i will support him because i myself cannot pass judgement on any person because we all fall short. I will pray that he gets the help that he needs. Also if he turns to the father he will be ok, I know he knows him i just pray that he trust an believes.. God bless u and ur family...Keep ur head up!!!


I love TIs music man, If the dog bites you the first time. its the dogs fault, if the dog bites you again, its your fault. Just like OJ, most of your fans were wit you last time bro, for you to have so much street life you rap about, it not showing up. You let us down man!


T. I and Tiny you have got to learn how to be discreet. You no people look for things like this to try to jugde yo


OOOh no man i love u vry much,i jst cn't believe that u got arestd u jst hv get out of 4rm there,anyway,that's hw we live a gang life,keep on Hustlering man gud luck love u..


T.I> @ TINY "GOD BLESS" U all AND Your FAM....it"s sum small 2A GIANT, with GOD with u WHO can B against U...K.Y.H.U


figures, it seems like every rapper is caught with some kind of drug or weapon.


T. I and Tiny I am a native from College Park, Ga. I know how hard it is to stay on the right track while in the eyes of the lookey lues. I am praying for you and your family and I pray that you guys learn from this. You both have alot to be thankful for, and pray for God's favor on T.I. Keep your heads up. God Bless A.R #1 Fan


Man ti again im ur biggest fan i even have a crush but u nned to stop u might go to jaill faor a long time now

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