THG Kaption Kontest Winner: September 22

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Kim Kardashian always makes for a quality Kaption Konest.

Who won yesterday's Oktoberfest edition? That distinction goes out to Beth, with honorable mentions going out to Jodie and Tman. Nice job by all.

An Aussie Shopper

The winning entry for this photo of our Bavarian babe appears below. Thanks to everyone for playing and good luck in the next THG Caption Contest!

You guys have football players here??


Oh sorry Sara, I was not getting what you were asking? Kinda got lost in your writting sometimes...not asking you to change your mind again though!


ok i don't know what's your problem with me im just saying what the picture has on the bottom i thought you told me not to like her so what's up


TO Sara: I am not sure what you are saying?? Are you asking why she likes Football player? I have no freaking idea!! Much better options for a boyfriend anywhere else!!


why she likes football players thats the hint players


Is Kim in Europe to promote ker kinky kim slut doll i'm sure they have no idea who she or her pimp whore mother is? Tman ur comments were sooo funny!


To TMAN: No wonder your upset, your quotes and personal thoughts on this whore is great!!


hihi.. there are football players (not soccer) in munich.. but i don`t think they would fit ;)


I thought their were way better quotes; this one is o.k. but not the best in my humble opinion.


@Tman: So we lost three visitors total? Damn, that's gonna kill our bottom line.

Free britney

Way to be a good sport dude. Maybe you should just be extra motivated to win the next one and prove we made a mistake.

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