The Jonas Brothers on Mel Gibson: One Awesome Dude!

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What Jew hating, alleged woman beating and rage-filled text messages?!?

Despite his shady past, Mel Gibson has at least three fans remaining: in a recent interview with Paul the Intern on Canada's MTV Live, The Jonas Brothers said they have met the actor and he's both "cool" and "awesome."

The discussion is mostly filled with jokes and sarcasm, as the host quizzes the siblings on everything from Christianity to Justin Bieber. But they appear to answer the question about Gibson seriously. See for yourself below:

Lourdes teh

the jonas brother are sososo very cool and talented boys nick you r so cute and kiven, joe to :)


they weren't "just being nice". if they didn't wanna work w/him, they would've said they wouldn't.
besides, that whole thing w/mel gibson was a hoax anyways.


The Jonas Brothers are cool and funny.


Maybe they were just being nice. They really don't hold any ill will toward anyone. I don't think they wanted to really get involved in that, so they were just being nice.

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