Teresa Giudice: Why I Wanted to Throttle Danielle Staub

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Teresa Giudice tried to physically assault Danielle Staub on Monday night's Real Housewives of New Jersey reunion special. Relive the madness NOW.

And while one doesn't need to explain why such an action would be desirable (raise your hand if you don't want to assault Danielle Staub), Giudice wrote about the incident in her latest Bravo website blog.

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Focused on the reference by Staub to her nephew - she accused Teresa of not acknowledging his birth - Guidice says she initially was confounded.

"I had no idea what she was talking about because I WAS there [at the hospital]," she writes. "But then I realized what she was saying – that she had been digging around my extended family and trying to find dirt on me and defame them. And I just had it. I will not stand for that (or sit still anyway)."

Danielle seemed to be implying that Giudice's nephew was actually her husband's love child.

Continued an understandably peeved Teresa:

"Who would sit back and let someone spew lies about their family on national television?

"She spends her time running around town trying to dig up dirt about all of us. And then she spits it back at you when you least expect it. It’s ALWAYS lies, but it’s shocking to hear because she’s letting you know she’s talked to people in your life. It would make anyone crazy."

Not like that's a far trip for Giudice, of course. Admitting she's "a screamer," Teresa did say she was sorry for shoving host Andy Cohen.

Bravo, naturally, will air the second half of the show's reunion special next Monday night. After all, people may complain that these women are insane - but the ratings prove insanity is a draw.


For pete's sake - can some one, any one, out there tell me the relationship between the New Jersey Housewives Danielle Staub Who is her ex, or brother or whatever? I came in pretty late into watching the show and can't figure out how she can ruin or try to ruin so many lives. Thanks


I have no problem pointing a laughing at people who deserve it! I assume that it has happened to you and that is why you are so sensitive about it! As far as "gay friendly" I am fine with that as long as it is not towards me. Lay your head down on whoever's pillow you want, just not mine! Don't worry I am sure Danielle would give you a chance...hell she might even sing a song about it! Don't mock me either....it could get you punched!


We have no beef with gay people here in Boston. Also when we REALLY believe people are insane, we are compassionate. We would never point and laugh at people we thought were insane. Nor do we care who warms who's pillows. I guess that's just how
"Boston" rolls. ;)


Acutally I have no relation to anyone on the show. But if I did, you would see my face on TV going Head to Head with Danielle! I am from Indiana and I would love for Danielle to come visit the midwest so we could point and laugh at her. Sounds like "Boston" has a crush on Danielle, maybe you have a chance since she swings both ways now!!!


Actually...I have no relation with the families on the show because if I did you would see my face on TV because I would NEVER tolerate Danielle. I am from Indiana and we have class in the midwest :) Sounds like "BOSTON" has a crush on Danielle, she swings both ways maybe you have a chance with her!!!


lol i think kelly and other people on this thread are either theresa or her family. ;) ps thanks for checking in with your spell checker there. MUCHO appreciated.


Again....with Danielle!! Anyone that would even think about defending her is mentally insane! The women is completely out of her mind and anything she could dig up on the other castmates is nothing compared to her 1980's Soap Opera. I wish I could have one moment with her is a room to let her know how us Midwest Women roll! Talking about someone spending beyond their means and filing Bankruptcy ( the correct way to spell Bankruptcy "Boston") is nothing compared to a cocaine addict who is a poor example of a stripper! 3 out 5 Americans file for bankruptcy everyday! GET A CLUE! But hey, if all else fails make a sex tape and try to earn money that way. That is what Danielle does!!! I wonder if you can find that tape in the "Trashy Trailer Park Girls Gone WILD" or "Tranny Takes The Night"??? hummm....


Teresa is in Denial. I kind of feel sorry for how stupid she is. Her life must really suck and unfortunately that's what she gets for being a *itch. KARMA BABY KARMA!


um, on what turf is four against one normal no matter WHAT the one did? i agree Theresa had an awfully strong reaction to what was supposedly BS. believe you me, if someone slings and untruth towards me, it's very easy to side step it. if i get caught off guard by something "embarrassing" i can FEEL the heat rise, you know kinda like Theresa responds.
i hear a lot accusations being lobbed at Danielle. what about driving your husband and your family underground with your spending habits? what about filing for bankruptsy and not having to pay your own debt? what about scrounging around for dirt on Danielle right out the gate? what about driving around while stinking drunk and risking killing an innocent person or family?
glass houses are sure lobbing a lot of rocks.


Teresa is such an air head all she knows how to do is swear she knows joes a drunk and she probally thinks joe had some alone time with danielle (if you know what i mean) so thats probally whys she piss at her to she dont like it when people point out whats wrong with her life

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