Teresa Giudice: Not a Fan of Melissa Gorga

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She hasn't even appeared on a single episode of The Real Housewives of New Jersey, yet Melissa Gorga is already causing tension.

The season three cast addition may be the sister-in-law of Teresa Giudice, but that doesn't mean Teresa is pleased about her inclusion on the show. In fact, it's quite the opposite.

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"When Teresa got word that her sister-in-law was asked to be part of the show she said, ‘If she’s going to be on the show, then I’m not going to do it," a source told Radar Online. "Teresa and Melissa don’t get along... They don’t speak."

In other words: Bravo has struck ratings gold by adding Gorga to the cast.

Gorga is the mother of the boy that almost led to a fight between Giudice and Danielle Staub on last week's Real Housewives reunion show. There have been rumors that Teresa's husband actually slept with Melissa and fathered this child.

It all adds up to a juicy third season of the show, as we all know Teresa will sign back on for it. She definitely needs the money.

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Teresa's brother is a hunk!


So Teresa doesn't like Melissa because she is a black Sicilian? Sounds racist to me.


Teresa is the trashiest and most disgusting housewife to be on Bravo. Who hasn't she attacked physically? Danielle, Kim G and now she shoved Andy! At least Danielle conducts herself well and isn't 11 million in debt. The sister in law is cute and she's half black. I think that's where the controversy comes from. I don't think Joe slept with her though. And Teresa's brother is very good looking LOL


can't believe they booted danielle when the rest (other than Jaqueline) were MEAN. just plain mean. caroline is SO hateful, and theressa, HA! can you imagine them all badgering danielle to take responsibility for her actions when theresa is well....we all know her deal don't we?
MAJOR hypocrites. oye.


I think that Teresa and all of them are just bullies. Thats good for her if her husband slept with the sister-in-law. She deserves it.


no he had sex with the sister -in -law and everyone else he can hook on to ...Theresa mouth is filthy..did you hera the awful words she used last night ..caroline had to tell her to STOP! and the word she used c--t was awful...she is garbage and eventually that awful Joe will say bye-bye !!! He has lots of gumotta's !!! She knows it too.....


These people are low lifes. TG and her husband are small time grifters. Think of all the vendors and retailers they have screwed. She is what is commonly known as a "black Scicilian" - not to be trusted or respected. She is always looking for a fight and totally devoid of any class, character or intelligence.


I think terese will be the new Danielle next season. I find her loathsome already


No, that is Teresas brothers wife.


Wait..so he had sex with his own sister?