Teresa Giudice: Not a Fan of Melissa Gorga

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She hasn't even appeared on a single episode of The Real Housewives of New Jersey, yet Melissa Gorga is already causing tension.

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    @Josephine. If you choose to do a bit of digging into the invasion if Italy and Spain by the Moors, you will indeed discover that some of you do have Black incestry. I live in New Jersey and I can assure you that I see evidence every day here of that fact when I look at the Italians. I am a Black woman and many of you are darker than I could ever be even if I sat in a tanning 24/7.


    I don't know where some folks get their information. There are blacks in Sicily. This whole conversation is stupid anyway, because once everyone traces their DNA all the way back, everyone's from Africa. And then for the folks who are Christian, like myself, everyone is from Adam and Eve. But long story short, lots of Sicilians and Italians have some black blood. It's a mixture. It's stupid to think otherwise. So to "Josephine" when you say "resent", it sounds like you have a personal problem with anything having to do with the word "black". I don't care what you choose to believe or choose to resent, facts are so darned annoying. Our Anglo-Saxon family always wonder why Italians (not all, but some) try to run so hard and fast when someone says they might have a little color in their tree...we've concluded, that they try to run from the truth and distance themselves from that part of their heritage. Shameful and sinful.


    @Josephine. WRONG WRONG. There are plenty of blacks in Sicily and there always have been. It is a stones throw from Africa. Same with Spain. Self hating sicilians can't accept that they are mostly all mixed, lol.


    Well the sister in law definitely has black blood. Very pretty woman but she is really competetive and a beyotch. No class at all. She and her drunk husband started that fight. I think Douchey Joe Gorga's friend threw the 1st punch anyway and no Joe Giudice, from what I saw. Heartbreaking for Teresa.


    You can tell by just watching the 1st episode that the sister in law is a bitch. My 12 year old son watched the show with me and figured out that new cast memeber are acting like idiots. For drama purposes Melissa has been added to the show. If she was housewife worthy she would have been picked for the inital show. I'm sure Melissa was not too happy about being overlooked..Oh, well. Melissa will never be Teresa. No matter what she and her sisters do and say, I am a Teresa fan.


    Theresa is at least paying her dues for the financial mistakes she and Joe made. Watching the opening show tonight left me wondering why her brother didn't try to help them out (if he's so successful). Her brother and bitchy sister-in-law seem petty and jealous. Telling Theresa to get lost at the christening was uncalled for and hurtful...and then he calls her "garbage" in front of her daughter!!!! What a pig. No wonder Theresa's husband went after him. Seems to me they're the new Danielle's in this series. Hang in there Theresa.


    Teresa is not going to be the new danielle. And obviously there is a good reason that she is mad at her. You don't just hate someone without a reason. And you just have to think of it like think this; when people press your buttons don't you lose your cool too? Me and my whole family are italians from jersey. That's ejust the way we are. Dont like it? Chances are they will tell you to f*** off.

    And on a personal note, people need to chill about language. Its just a word. You didnt even hear it cuz is got bleeped out, so clam down.

    Oh, but her kids are little spoiled brats fa sho.




    I agree with Josephine. U guys are trashing Sicilians because of the garbage you choose to watch on TV. Mind you the Giudice's are from the Naples area of Italy which isn't even near Sicily. I know many people just like Joe and Teresa - some of them are actually Italian-American and some of them pretend to be. The Giudice's are fake phony frauds.


    Finally, people are realizing the type of person Teresa really is--a low class, big mouth phony/bully. She is so in "la la land" when it comes to her husband Joe and the bratty, selfish little girls that they produced. What a bunch of trash. At least Danielle showed more class than the rest of the housewives during the reunion. I could not view the 2nd week of the reunion because Teresa was so gross that I could not stomach watching week 2. Excluding Danielle, the NJ housewives are the worst housewives of all housewives on Bravo.

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