Teresa Giudice Demands Raise, Threatens to Exit Real Housewives

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Would you watch The Real Housewives of New Jersey without Danielle Staub and Teresa Giudice?

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    DON'T LEAVE TERESA!! I wouldn't watch the show if she wasn't on there. Everyone knows that if she wasn't on the show the ratings wouldn't be so high and no one would have anything to talk about. Everyone needs to stop hatin on Teresa. Remember we only see what they let us. So the Melissa always looking like the good sister-in-law could be just how they edit the show. I'll always be Team Giudice!!


    Get rid of Teresa. She is a pathetic bitch and is such a turn off. I have stopped watching the show because of her big mouth and she always starts such drama. SHE IS A DRAMA QUEEN.The show would be much more enjoyable without Teresa. Danielle was bad but Teresa is worse. I prefer just watching and following the other cast members who act like normal family members. Teresa needs help not being on a TV show.


    Teresa is a real dummy, bully and and idiot.
    Despite her attempts to bully Danielle, she still comes out the stupid one that has nothing and is a wannabe!!!!!!!


    Good riddance. Get rid of garbage. She is a diva, demanding more $$$ so she can get into more debt. What's the $$$ for? So she can use foul language, threaten to beat people up and chase and attack them. This woman is the most disgusting housewife to ever grace Bravo. Network should be ashamed of themselves for having this woman on and turning it into a Jerry Springer type show. Compared to the classy ladies of the OC and NYC. Heck, even Atlanta is classier than NJ.


    Oh my God! This bitch is over the top! She wants a raise?

    She needs to raise up her stupid uncouth violent tacky ass and fake tits and go back under the Jersey rock she came out of.

    She needs to be figuring out how to properly raise those prima donna bitchlets.

    She needs to figure out how to get her drunk, fat ass philandering husband to raise up some cash.


    As the expression goes Teresa "don't let the door hit you in the ass" Maybe Danielle will even hold the door open for you - bye honey!


    I hope they don't pay Teresa anymore money she don't deserve it maybe she should cut down on some of the pounds of makeup she wears. That whole group of bullies makes me sick they picked on Danielle to get her off the show to make it about them and I hate the Caroline is so self righteous and thinks she is above approach her & Teresa both need to leave as for Jacqueline she is a follower she goes which ever way the wind blows. There will be no reason to watch without Danielle at least she makes it interesting.


    leave bitch..


    Teresa deserves the money because she and Danielle are the reason the ratings are so high. I don't know why they fired Danielle because the show won't be as good without her.


    Treez is as spoiled as her children. She wants everything and expects everyone to give it to her. You see how she deals with adversity - she gets five inches from their face and screams like an animal.
    I love how on the mag cover she isn't wearing tons of makeup and jewelry - are we supposed to think she's reformed? She blew 60K right after they filed for bankruptcy, when they could have paid many of the debts they owed and at least made some people whole. Or even caught up on their mortgage payments.

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