Teen Mom's Maci Bookout: Dating Kyle King!

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It was hard for Teen Mom star Maci Bookout after ending a bitter relationship with Ryan Edwards, the father of her son Bentley. But now she's moving on.

She fell in love with an old childhood pal, Kyle King!

Did Kyle balk at the prospect of romancing a single, 19-year-old mom? Not at all, Maci Bookout says: "He was very understanding of the whole situation."

"Since he wasn't scared, he put me at ease."

What makes King so special? "He's responsible, fun, and incredibly caring, and he's just a lot more mature than most guys," Bookout gushes about her man.

Once Bookout "made sure that [Kyle King] was really serious," she made the proper introductions to Bentley. After about a day, "they became inseparable!"

Looks like it's going great. She and Bentley, now 22 months, spent the summer in King's native Nashville to be close to him during her college break.

Maci is a journalism major in addition to majoring in parenthood - now that's a full life! Still, she's handling her responsibilities rather well, it seems.

Adds Teen Mom producer Morgan J. Freeman: "She was terrified Bentley might not warm up to him, but he did. They're having a great time together!"

King admits surrogate fatherhood took getting used to. "It was a learning process. I wasn't good with kids before, but I've learned a lot and I like it!"


Good for you, Maci. At least you aren't like most young moms: dating one loser after another. You got a good one this time. I really hope it all works out for you. You and Bent deserves the best and if that is kyle, good for all 3 of you. Never get back with that loser Ryan.


maci is a sweetheart, i'm glad she move on without that ryan he is so lazy won't work she better off without him i myself think kyle is great for her and her son bently,

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