Taylor Momsen Once Lit Her Dog's Testicles on Fire

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She's feuded with Miley Cyrus. And dissed Rihanna's fashion.

Heck, she even joked about having sex with a priest once.

So Edgy!

But those were all just words. None of Taylor Momsen's ramblings can compare to one confirmed action taken by the Gossip Girl cast member and wannabe rocker.

In a new interview, Pretty Reckless guitarist Ben Phillips said "Taylor loves setting things on fire... she thinks we're some rock 'n' roll badasses."

Phillips then detailed an outlandish example of Momsen's affection for pyromania, explaining:

"One morning, Taylor got into the studio really early - she'd just had her dog neutered and brought in the bits. Which she then burned. We were grossed out."

Yes, Taylor Momsen once set the testicles of her canine on fire. Granted, they were separated from the animal at the time... but still. It's safe to say this teenager has issues, don't you think?


She rocks.She is doing great.People r jelous thats why they say things like that.


this isn't true.
taylor momsen has a girl dog...


This interview is FAKE...taylor posted it on her twitter and wrote that it´s not real interview


i think @anna needs her head testing. "seriously sexy fashion"?, yeah right. i bet she costs around $600 a go


Taylor is amazing, if her music isn't rock then what is white stripes ? compare My Medicine to what the White stripes do. She is so talented and who cares if she's a bit fcked up, we all are!
Shes got more acting talent than miley, more voice than rihanna and
seriously sexy fashion. I think she's great and is probly an awesome person if people would just give her a chance, her music is fricken well done! just needs a few good guitar solos to complete it
love and kisses :) xox


taylor is a pathetic little cretin that needs to understand shes not rock because she dresses like a back-alley prostitute. She insults other preformers to make herself feel and look better. Her songs are barely classes as rock, just because she has electric guitars and drums banging away it does not mean shes rock, it means she is a rock wannabe, and I ruddy well hope she stays like that. She needs to learn her place in this world, and being a nasty little madame will simply not cut it!


what the fuck iz wrong with her!!!!!!!!???????


What is wrong with this one!!?? She looks like Courtney Love and that is not a complement!!


I love her style and her music, but even i must admit, thats going a bit far..


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