Snooki Scoffs at Lindsay Lohan Comparison

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Snooki may have fallen on her face and gotten arrested for public annoyance this summer, but she has a message for the judge that compared her to Lindsay Lohan yesterday:

As if!

"I definitely thought it was harsh," the Jersey Shore star said. "I never drank and drove, I don't do drugs – I do nothing that Lindsay does, so it was definitely a little overboard.

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Will the Real Lindsay Please Stand Up

Concluded Snooki: "I'm just really happy that it's over and that the criminal charge was dismissed because that was just insane."

Do you agree with her take on the judge's comments? Who do you think is a bigger public embarrassment?


OMG!! Snooki Is way better than lindsay 'thesmackhead' lohan! Snooki is great and was on jersey shore!! Lindsay is wierd and cannot act AT ALL!! She should be put in a room.. lock the door and throw away the key!! Celebrity... My Ass! Snooki Rules!! x


Snookie is a fat pig . Lindsay has done more & WELL .. yes, she went a bit off course . but she is on the right path NOW . that other skank is on the wrong path .. and I have NEVER watched 'that show' . never will and sick of seeing her grotesque body/face as well . her manners are a LOT worse than anyone mentioned . IMHO ..


In my opinion, Snooki is kind of annoying in that she is way too tanned and hangs out with the biggest douchebags on TV, but Jersey Shore is TV, you know? Jersey Shore isn't trying to feature aspiring lawyers' intellectual conversations about government policies. And Snooki, however deserving of the public annoyance charge she was, was not really deserving the Lindsay jab. Lindsay drinks and drives and does drugs. Lindsay is endangering the public each time she gets behind the wheel under the influence. Someone who makes a fool of themselves on a scripted reality show about jerks on the boardwalk doesn't deserve to be accused of endangering the lives of strangers each and every time she goes to buy a cigarette pack. Lindsay gets my vote here.

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