Should Lindsay Lohan Go Back to Jail?

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Lindsay Lohan's failed drug test has just dealt a major blow to her frail system - and potentially, her freedom. But she claims she's trying to get back on track.

The hard-partying train wreck made an immediate effort to get straight, attending an Alcoholics Anonymous meetings Friday and Saturday night.

Judge Elden Fox could still return Lohan to jail based on the failed, mandatory test, a condition of her early release from jail and rehab in August.

The 24-year-old remains on probation until next August. Lohan did not specify what caused her failed test, although TMZ reports it was cocaine.

"Substance abuse is a disease," Lohan Tweeted in a mea culpa. "I am working hard to overcome it and am taking positive steps forward every day."

Lohan says she is trying to get back to sober living, but is she sincere?

Is she feigning it so the judge will show leniency again? She was supposedly set free with a zero tolerance policy, so it will be very interesting to watch.

What do you think? Should Lindsay be sent back to jail?


esses maxecino, espanhol sei la que diabo, é uma raça imprestavel mesmo né?! porra como vcs vao compara o cara com ele mesmo a 9 anos atraz porra?! a voz muda, ele invelhece ele é humano não é uma maquina porra. ele tem que se respeitado e reconhecido pelo que fez e pelo que faz hoje, pq são poucos cm a qualidade dele de mover milhares de pessoas a canta uma musica junto cm ele, tenham mais respeito pelo axl pa qm deu 0 pa ele na data 2011, é pq nao gosta de guns e sim de pop music! UP!!


At this point......the public could care less...a waste.


Lindsay, Lindsay, Lindsay I said long ago, perhaps only to myself, but said 'next one to die' and YOU will be, IMHO .. Need to be in rehab for at least 6 months, one drink or one this or that won't last, have seen it before, one leads to two and then .. OMG .. STOP NOW . go to REHAB .. that is . IF you want to live and not die 'as great actress died too young due to drugs/drinking')


i think she needs to go to jail she did the crime and needs to do the time she needs to get help or she going to die


Why waste taxpayer's money on her either going to rehab or jail? Let's just let her be and eventually she will do us all a favor and overdose.


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