Shelley Malil Convicted of Attempted Murder

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Turns out, there are much worse things in life than being a 40-year old virgin. Just ask Shelley Malil.

The actor, best known for his role in that Steve Carell comedy, has been convicted of attempted murder. Last week, Malil took to the stand and admitted that he stabbed girlfriend Kendra Beebe multiple times in August 2008, but claimed it was an act of self-defense and he was unaware she was the victim.

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The jury didn't buy the story.

Among other injuries, Beebe was left with a collapsed lung and chin lacerations. She testified that Malil grew angry after the pair fought earlier in the ay and only ceased his attack when a neighbor came upon him during the incident.

The panel of five women and seven men found Malil guilty of attempted murder and assault with a deadly weapon. He could be sentenced to life in prison when a judge makes his/her ruling on a later date.


when someone goes in to someone's home and see's their partner with someone doesn't always mean the worst. to me it's like a cop who abuses his or her family but when you tell someone they don't believe until it's too late. to much of this is happening and if they weren't star's they would get into more trouble. just look at o.j. simpson, linsey lohan, hulk hogan, ect... when is society going to wake up and see that they are just as human as the rest of us. and of course let's not forget paris hilton. just because you are famous doesn't mean you should get a free pass. just a working class stiff wouldn't, because they don't have the money for the attorney's that the star's do. whatever happen equal justice for all? it's not there anymore. thank you for your time. judith.

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