Seth Rogen: Engaged to Lauren Miller!

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Seth Rogen is engaged! To girlfriend Lauren Miller!

The actor popped the question to the writer and actress recently. "He surprised her with the proposal," a friend of The Green Hornet star tells Life & Style.

Seth asked Lauren, whom he's been dating since 2004, to be his bride just last week after "She'd started giving up hope that he'd ever pop the question."

Seth Rogen and Lauren Miller

The future Mr. and Mrs. Lauren Miller.

The big moment came after the two returned from visiting family in Boston. "Her family adores him; everyone is thrilled to plan a wedding," a friend adds.

As for Seth Rogen, there's no doubt as to how he feels about Lauren Miller: "I have a girlfriend who is far prettier than I should have," he's said in the past.

Congratulations to the soon-to-be newlyweds!


1. women want a big cave. 2. men want a pretty girl. 3. It's a sad state of affairs, unless your an attractive guy--you'll always get laid and women will dream of you, but will be living with Seth Rogen types. It's all kinda sad. 4. Seth Rogen is not a good actor, but know his fart jokes.


If he wasn't a famous actor would she still marry him? The answer is hell no.


Seth isn't very good as an actor, and hes not funny either. But good for them on the engagement. To each their own, I suppose.


Hey he is famous so therefore he is automatically not ugly!


I love him! He's so funny! Definitely my fave actor!! I'd marry youuu! ahah


What is with people that make those kind of comments?? Obviously not too bright. Hopefully the dunce will see how many people do care. Rogen contributes his time and I'm sure money to numerous charities, including Alzheimer's and Cancer Research. I wonder how much the dunce contributes.


Who f*ing cares!!! He's gross!!

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