Sammi Giancola is Beyond Pathetic, Still Dating Ronnie Ortiz-Magro

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Despite Ronnie Ortiz-Magro being the worst boyfriend in human history, Sammi "Sweetheart" Giancola simply cannot let the Jersey Shore meathead go.

She's said "I'm DONE" so many times it's become a favorite drinking game of ours, but clearly isn't really. It's like he's trying to get dumped and can't.

Jersey Shore Cast in the House

He's not even sorry for creepin' all over South Beach in Season Two and blatantly hooking up with so many girls behind his on-and-off girlfriend's back.

BACK ON: At least until close of business today.

"I regret getting caught," he said on MTV's after-show. "I don't regret having a good time. I regret getting into bed with Sammi after I got home."

"That was my downside."

Giancola says Ron was "sickening" and "disgusting," but didn't want to believe it when JWoww and Snooki slipped her a note detailing his wild ways.

She said she was so "blind" to his behavior because she felt alone; he was the person she felt most "comfortable with" and didn't want to lose that.

"I feel embarrassed now," she said.

Not too embarrassed to take his cheating ass back, though! Now back on with Giancola for the 93rd time, Ronnie insisted his wild days are over.

"I've learned a lot watching the show," he said. "I have something good. I have an amazing girl, and she doesn't deserve to be treated that way."

Sammi Giancola said she believes him. What an idiot.

"I think he is really trying to show me the good instead of the bad," said the most pathetic person ever. "That's what I hold on to all the time."

As for her physical fight with JWoww last night? "I felt they were backstabbing me," recalls Giancola. "For my first fight, I thought I did OK."

Except for fighting your friend who told you the truth instead of the cheating a$$hole himself, sure, you did OK Sam. Congratulations, moron.


Well I dont think she is an idiot she is retarded. See an idiot does dumb things from time to time a retard does dumb things all the time.I wish they will take her off the show if she is on next session i am done watching it cause she is a retard and there is already enough of them walking around i dont need to see them on tv


maybe sammi didn't want to look like an idiot on national tv because she knows she's an idiot.
i mean seriously, do i even have to explain? she's a totally stupid bitch... turning on her only real friends in the house? becoming friends with an ugly, fat ape (the only other girl) who has no sense of anything? getting back with a guy who disrespects her on national tv? what?


I just need to say one last time Sammie ur a DUMB @$$ and u got beat up on camera and were so dumb that you thought u won. Ur women beater pushed the girl then u jumped up to run from ur herpies and hit the air. U never hit Jenny so real talk watch the screen again.... I hope ur not on next session cause I can see retards at the zoo....


Am I the only person who watch the fight? Sammie u got beat up really. U did not get one lick you were punching the air the only reason you think you won was because of Ron feeding that to u we already know he lies. U got ur @$$ beat dummy


Sammi is pathetic, manipulative and deranged. She has a manly voice and body (no hips or curves to speak of) and tries to speak in a "sweet" voice to sound sexy. Blech! She deserves the STDs Ronnie exposes her to.


Sammi had two friends in the house that cared about her and everyone else knew what Ronnie was doing, but only her two close friends wanted to let her know, without letting Ronnie know they told Sammi. So what does Sammi do?? She turns on the two close friends that tell her what she was begging to hear, and she keeps the dog that was cheating on her, Sammi you're an idiot and you and Ronnie deserve each other, you don't deserve good friends like Jenni and Snookie. way did you win that fight, quit bragging, Jenni would have killed you if Ronnie, your protector, hadn't jumped in, get a life, get out of bed, and appreciate that people that really care about you, you are a pathetic woman and friend!!!!!!


Sammi did not win that fight!!! If JWow had her alone, Sammi would be speaking with a fat lip. Sammi is the most pathetic person I have seen in a very long time. She is an insult to the
female population that watch this show. The real person Sammi should of kicked ass with was cheater Ronnie. Sammi, grow some balls and go after the one who truly deserves your wrathe. As for JWow and Snooks, those friends are too good for you. You don't deserve them as friends anymore.


At first, I thought the sleeping around with random people and drinking into a stupor were the worse things about jersey shore. After watching the episode today, I've come to the realization that the relationship between sammi and ronnie is the most revolting aspect of the show. In particular, the idiocracy of Sammi. You "won" the fight huh? What exactly did you win? You fought with the only girls who are your friends and are still with a guy who has dogged you out. Also, you did NOT win. If Ronnie was not there to push Jwow back and all those people weren't blocking Jwow, she would have knocked you into a coma. As a woman, it irritates me to see a completely disillusioned women. Get it together you idiot and if you're so tough, face Jwow alone next time.


Sammies a dumbass! enough said.


I congradulate Ronnie because he was able to hav a girl accept him even after all he did. He was a dog truly, but seriously he choose the right girl to be with and cheat on at the same time. SAMMI IS SERIOUSLY SOOOOO WEAK.Plus her a^^ cant fight. Without dat meathead Ronnie she would've been seriouly paralized by JWOOWW. TEAM SNOOKI & JWOOW!!!!!!!!!!!

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